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  • [GIVEAWAY] Tenqa Remxd DJ Style Bluetooth Headphones


    There's not a lot of info out there on Life Unleashed, who makes the Remxd headphones under the brand name Tenqa. They're based here in the US, and these seem to be their first products. (They also have a set of folding headphones for sale, also Bluetooth).

    From what we gathered, they specialize in decent entry level Bluetooth headphones.

    In the Box

    A pale blue packaging brings you the Remxd headphones. Inside the (difficult to open) box are the headphones themselves (you'll need to charge them), an instruction booklet, a USB cable (for charging), and a 3.5mm male to male cable for plugging your device directly into the Remxd headphones.

    The cables are decent mid-grade quality, and in black.


    We reviewed the white style of the Remxd headphones - they also come in black.

    Sturdy, these headphones are built with thin plastic and vinyl. They are of the DJ style - big cans which cover your ears and a thick vinyl stitched band to go over the head and keep them in place.

    An on/off switch, volume button, and the 3.5 mm jack (used for charging - USB - or plugging in direct to a music device) are on the left can. An indicator LED is also under the plastic on the left can - it goes blue when the device is on and connected, red when it's charging or low on battery, and flashes red/blue when in pairing mode (hold down the Play/Pause button for 6 seconds - the passcode is 0000). The right can has the Tenqa logo on it.

    White coated metal holds the cans to the band. The volume toggle is a bit different - it doesn't rotate but rather allows you to push it in either direction to lower/raise the volume when held. Simply pressing this toggle in either direction also skips tracks - which is nice; you can leave your device in your bag or pocket.

    On the outside of the left can is the phone button and the play/pause button. The Remxd headphones let you take phone calls as well as listen to music while on Bluetooth.

    The phones are fairly comfortable. They material around your ear was not as breathable as some I've used, but for $39 they're pretty awesome. If you have a small head, these will be a tough fit - I have an average-sized noggin, and the smallest setting was just a tad big.


    Pretty much what you'd expect at this price point. Good, not great. In my office, I had a low-frequency hum I haven't heard on any other Bluetooth headphones. It wasn't audible at moderate or high volumes, but when the music was turned down low it was pretty evident.

    Bass is present, mids are average, and highs are clear but not crystal. Again - for $39 these things are much better than any Bluetooth competitor in that range I've tried. You're definitely getting middle of the road audio here though. Using the included 3.5mm cable improves quality.

    Call quality was good, and people could hear me well. I had no issues with calls on these.

    Price / Conclusion

    We're giving the Remxd Bluetooth Headphones by Tenqa a 3.5 leaves rating. For the price point they're solid - you won't find a better set of Bluetooth headphones under $50. There's some design issues here, and the sound is average, but for $39 with free shipping they deliver much more than expected! They sell both the Black and White options through Amazon.com with free shipping.

    As is customary for an MMi review, Tenqa is hooking up a reader with a pair of the Remxd headphones (you specify black or white) for free. Use the widget below to grab entries into the raffle, and we'll pick a winner Friday morning.

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    1. Stymieddd's Avatar
      Stymieddd -
      Giveaway! I'm there!
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      I really need a new pair of headphones, and these things are sweet. Count me in.
    1. iVad3r's Avatar
      iVad3r -
      I always thought beats are the best headphones but these! WOW!
    1. merv's Avatar
      merv -
      Looks nice
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      I have been looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones for about 6 months now, and couldnt make up my mind if I should go back with the S9 Motorola set , which I can afford but dislike , or wait and buy an expensive pair . This is the first time I have seen these and would love reviews on them . I love the form factor and they would be perfect for me. Those S9's are painful to my ear canals.
    1. bballchik's Avatar
      bballchik -
      Never seen/heard of these before....nice! I love discovering new headphone products :-)
    1. ShapeShifter499's Avatar
      ShapeShifter499 -
      wow freakin sweet headphones! Really need a new one my current pair are cruddy.
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Nice, I've been thinking of getting a bluetooth stereo headset and this looks like the ones I will get.
    1. ensigma's Avatar
      ensigma -
      these look great. just as flashy as beats imo but for a fraction of the price.
    1. LumpsRGood's Avatar
      LumpsRGood -
      Wonder if these would get in the way during my gym workouts.
    1. done1234's Avatar
      done1234 -
      I have a black pair of these and really like them and it's at a great price too, they are a little heavy on the ears but I can make it through a movie fine. Hey I would like a white pair also to match my white iPhone.
    1. soNburst's Avatar
      soNburst -
      been wanting these!
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      These are beautiful!
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      sossosoosososooooo sexy
    1. mak5th's Avatar
      mak5th -
      Nice color will be a match for my white iphone ......
      When am i getting the mail guys
    1. Tashawn's Avatar
      Tashawn -
      These look amazing.
    1. myiphone3gs4055's Avatar
      myiphone3gs4055 -
      Sexy white and boxing. Love it
    1. Alluziion's Avatar
      Alluziion -
      Wow they are quite sexy :P
    1. phanb's Avatar
      phanb -
      those are super niiiice!!
    1. ViperzDTL's Avatar
      ViperzDTL -
      They look pretty good. Though I have Beats and Bose headphones for use
      These would be a good addition to my collection nonetheless