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  • Spotify for iOS Gains New Radio Feature

    Apart from syncing your own playlists to the Spotify application, the Spotify for iOS application was once useless to anyone that didnít have a Spotify premium account. Now, Spotify is introducing a new radio feature, which will allow you to listen to randomized music based on genres or recommended artists and it doesn't require a premium account. It functions similarly to the popular Pandora application in that it allows you to thumbs up or thumbs down music and move forward and backward through the tracks.

    Spotify is a free application, so if you have always wanted to download it, this Radio feature gives you the perfect excuse to. It is literally free music at your fingertips. It offers a better user experience than using the Music application on your iOS device because instead of wasting your limited flash storage on music tracks from iTunes, you can just stream the music over the Internet instead. It works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

    The obvious downside to the radio feature is that you donít get a choice of what to listen to Ė music is randomized. You can, however, skip tracks you donít want to listen to. If you are a Spotify premium user, you probably wonít find the radio feature as great as using your premium access to unlimited music. However, premium users could still use the radio feature if they feel they will be too far away from the device for long periods of time such that they wonít be able to change music tracks Ė such as at work. It does allow users to discover music they may have never heard of before.

    The new radio feature is available as a free Spotify update on iOS devices through the App Store today. Additionally, the update also adds a couple of improvements:
    • Long-press on any track to display an improved context menu
    • People view scrolls more smoothly
    • Stability has been improved.

    Be sure to grab it!

    Sources: Engadget
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    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by bckane View Post
      I'm having the same problem will not load
      Loads fine on iOS 5.1.1. If you have iOS 6 beta, it won't load.
    1. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
      The 8th Immortal -
      anyone having problems when clicking on a playlist, the app crashes and goes back to the springboard?
    1. brodimus's Avatar
      brodimus -
      Didn't work for me over cellular. It loaded over wifi, and seems to work well but for now, I choose Pandora, even with Spotify having 15 million songs. I like Pandora's process better and the radio is way more customizable. And it doesn't recommend me Top 40 crap.