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  • Smells Like Teen Spirit Inside iOS Dev Community

    It's a headline that will leave some hankering for the classic Nirvana track that defined a generation. Teen spirit is, indeed, alive and well... especially inside the Apple developer community. And the Cupertino, California-based tech giant couldn't be happier about it - or more supportive.

    As highlighted in a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the teen iOS developer community is a prized-possession for Apple. Even if you're not among this youthful breed, you may still be well aware of the reality that a growing number of teens are joining the "app-making frenzy." And Apple wants to see the frenzy expand further.

    This month, at WWDC 2012, Apple for the first time allowed developers under the age of 18 to attend. While they didn't constitute the bulk of attendees, developers from ages 13 to 17 were present. 150 teens with scholarships to permit the $1,599 entrance fee were there. Apple even "arranged a student lounge with beanbag chairs and Skittles, and invited their parents to chaperone," the WSJ reports.

    "We used to think that inviting students as young as 18 years old was great," said Apple's marketing chief, Phil Schiller. But iOS developers are getting even younger and younger. "We would get emails after the developer conference from students, 16, 15, 14 years old, saying I already have X number of apps in the app store. I'm a developer. Can I take part in this too?"

    As a result of the interest and aspirations of younger iOS developers, Apple is wholeheartedly embracing their optimism and youthful vigor. And, based on the comments of Schiller and other Apple insiders, the iDevice maker couldn't possibly have more faith in the next generation of Apple app makers.

    Source: WSJ
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      It is great that kids are learning programming and expanding their knowledge. Yes getting out and doing something should be part of everyone's life but gaining more knowleding is always a grea thing to have too.
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      Your sleeping?
      Sleep is for the weak.
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      Lol go ahead and don't sleep for 3 days. Then come fight me, I'd win.