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  • iPad 2 Orders Begin Early

    As expected, Apple updated their online store a day early and begun offering the iPad 2 for order. The current estimated shipping date for the iPad 2 states March 18 - March 25th. Unfortunately there is no express delivery options.

    The iPad 2 was originally intended to begin sales at 4am Eastern tomorrow, but in a continuing trend, Apple has started this release early.

    Anyone putting in their orders today?

    Apple - iPad - All-new design. Video calls. HD video. And more.
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    1. nashlib's Avatar
      nashlib -
    1. dennisdionisio's Avatar
      dennisdionisio -
      i hope it will be released in the Middle East soon
    1. hoqts's Avatar
      hoqts -
      I ordered mines at 4am while doing my HW. As long I dont recieve cancellation email, i dont mind waiting at all
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Awesome, I can't wait to get my hands on one of my own.
    1. vedavis's Avatar
      vedavis -
      Logged on speedily @ 3:50am EST, order placed @ 3:52. Logged back on @ 4:10 and the site was slowww. Just now confirmed the Smart Cover is on it's way, but the iPad, ????. Now AppleInsider is reporting 2-3 weeks.
    1. Phil McFly's Avatar
      Phil McFly -
      Woke up at 3:50am Eastern. Ordered it by 3:55am. It didn't have an ETA. Just logged in now (9:28am EST).

      Ships: 3 - 5 business days
      Delivers: Mar 18 - Mar 25

      If you order now though it warns 2-3 weeks on the order page.
    1. pro_b's Avatar
      pro_b -
      I ordered mine at 12:55 PST. My order also says between March 18-25. Oh well. Having it delivered to my home beats waiting in possible long lines and then possibly not getting one after waiting.
    1. nutz's Avatar
      nutz -
      delete this msg plz
    1. ebentley's Avatar
      ebentley -
      Purchased online @0402 this morning
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      What the heck?? Who said the iPad 2 online orders were supposed to start tomorrow? Its been on their website that online orders would begin today at 1am PT.
    1. engelke2010's Avatar
      engelke2010 -
      When I saw the shipping time was 3-5 days, I stopped my order. Now it's 2-3 weeks? This is still pretty new to me, but that seemed to go quicker than I had thought. Does this mean that there probably will be a longer line at the Apple retail store?
    1. turdsmoka's Avatar
      turdsmoka -
      I would have ordered if it was arriving tomorrow. But no need for me to wait three weeks for a slighlt faster version of what i already have. Ipad 3.
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      Quote Originally Posted by engelke2010 View Post
      When I saw the shipping time was 3-5 days, I stopped my order. Now it's 2-3 weeks? This is still pretty new to me, but that seemed to go quicker than I had thought. Does this mean that there probably will be a longer line at the Apple retail store?
      Probably so. I'm sure many stores will sell out. There have been people waiting in line for at least a day or 2 at some stores.
    1. Chris3k2's Avatar
      Chris3k2 -
      i ordered mines. Was at work and was waiting until 4am eastern but decided to not do much work and checked around 3:30-3:45am and was able to order. Hopefully those few extra minutes makes the difference between a cancellation letter and a shipped letter!
    1. infamoushack's Avatar
      infamoushack -
      I'm 3rd in line. The other 2 people arrived literally a few minutes before me. =[ I can't wait for the shipping! I need my iPad 2 NOW!!
    1. skblut's Avatar
      skblut -
      I ordered mine supposed to receive April 8th according to what Apples e-mail confirmation said which is fine for me.The closest Apple Store is 2 and a half hours away from me and the other stores that carry it are 25 miles away plus I would risk them not having one.I did not have my 1st gen till April from what I remember so that is fine.
    1. Dnepr98's Avatar
      Dnepr98 -
      Ordered mine at 1:05am PT. I was actually able to see that it was already on sale at 12:45am so i started my order right away using Apple Store app on iPhone. Received a confirmation email 30 minutes later saying order is received, shipping is estimated 3-5 business days.

      This morning got a notification that Smart Cover is already shipped, just waiting on iPad...

      Super excited!
    1. elehcdn's Avatar
      elehcdn -
      Logged in last night at exactly 1:00 AM. Placed my order, with the 3 to 5 day timeframe but didn't get an acknowledgement email. Checked on order this morning. Problems with credit card. Entered a different credit card. Order accepted and still have the 3 to 5 day shipping time.

      Stood in line for the first WiFi version at a Best Buy, so the line started at 6:00 AM. Since I still have my original 64 GB WiFi version (I sold a 3G version that I had purchased to grandfather into the ATT unlimited deal about 3 weeks ago), I can wait a few days. Anyone interested in a well-used iPad 1? I can ship next week!
    1. rashad1's Avatar
      rashad1 -
      ships in 2-3 weeks? WTF Apple
    1. tekwiz's Avatar
      tekwiz -
      Uhh, It was supposed to go on sale at 4AM on March 11...which was 7 hours ago...what are you talking about?