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  • iPad 2 Orders Begin Early

    As expected, Apple updated their online store a day early and begun offering the iPad 2 for order. The current estimated shipping date for the iPad 2 states March 18 - March 25th. Unfortunately there is no express delivery options.

    The iPad 2 was originally intended to begin sales at 4am Eastern tomorrow, but in a continuing trend, Apple has started this release early.

    Anyone putting in their orders today?

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    1. wookiee2cu's Avatar
      wookiee2cu -
      Logged in at 7:30am and saw the 2-3 weeks wait time. I'll drive by the BestBuy store after work and see what the lines are like if there long I'll just wait a few weeks until the supply gets caught up.
    1. DarkDragonAn's Avatar
      DarkDragonAn -
      I oder my iPad 2 and my delivery day is the 03/22 is not that bad. I'm still trying to sale my iPad 64GB 3G for the last week or so.
    1. rabbit70's Avatar
      rabbit70 -
      Ordered mine at 12:44am (pacific time). I can wait the week for delivery. Having the iPad in hand today would have been sweet but I'm not waiting in a line all day just to be told it's sold out.