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  • What iOS 6 Borrowed From the Jailbreak Community

    The long anticipated iOS 6 has been announced at today’s 2012 WWDC by Apple’s leading staff. iOS 6 will bring more than 200 new features to iOS (sound familiar?) and it will be borrowing a lot of new features from already existing functionality in the jailbreak community. So what is Apple borrowing from the Cydia store this time around? Take a look!

    1. FaceTime Over Cellular Networks
    FaceTime has always been a great feature of iOS, but competing video chat services like Skype and Tango have showed Apple that it’s time to make FaceTime a more 'mobile' experience by allowing people to use it even in areas where Wi-Fi may not be available. Edge, 3G, and 4G networks are perfectly capable of delivering video chat services from one device to another. iOS 6 finally brings FaceTime over cellular networks, which could normally only be done by jailbreak tweaks such as FaceBreak or 3G Unrestrictor 5.

    2. iOS Facebook Integration
    Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking Web site. It was only a matter of time before the world’s most popular mobile operating system came to an intersection with it. iOS 6 brings Facebook integration to those that prefer Facebook over Twitter and finally allows users to have a more ‘at-home’ social network media-sharing option. Facebook integration is a feature that could normally only be achieved with a jailbreak tweak dubbed Fusion.

    3. Siri On The iPad
    While iOS 6 won’t be reaching out to the original iPad or the iPad 2 with Siri, The new iPad is expected to gain Siri functionality with iOS 6. For a long time now, only the iPhone 4S has had rights to Siri. The only way to get Siri on other iOS devices was to jailbreak them and install a Siri port commonly known as Spire. While Siri is coming to The new iPad, there still won’t be any legitimate support for the iPad 2, iPhone 4, or iPod touch 4G.

    4. Siri Can Understand Sports
    As demonstrated at WWDC 2012, Siri has become much smarter and is just about out of beta. In iOS 6, Siri can now be asked about game scores for all kinds of sports. With the Siri we are all used to now, this never used to be a reality. Jailbreakers would be able to query Siri about sports, though, with a jailbreak tweak dubbed SiriSports that will allow Siri to fetch game scores from almost any sport and almost any game being played.

    5. Do Not Disturb
    iOS 6, as expected, is implementing a ‘Do Not Disturb’ functionality that can be used to silence notifications when you don’t want to hear from them. It is basically a switch that can keep notifications from lighting up your lock screen, causing noises or vibrations, or getting in the way of what you are doing with banner popups. This ‘Do Not Disturb’ functionality was introduced just a little while ago with a jailbreak tweak dubbed BannerDisable.

    6. Enhanced VIP Mail Options
    All jailbreakers know what it means to enhance the functionality of the Mail application. Mail is beautiful, but it lacks some common E-mail client functionality, such as that of marking the messages that are most important to you so you can expedite your read and response time to those that are most important first. iOS 6 brings a feature that allows you to mark certain contacts as VIPs and their E-mails will be separated from those that are less important. The jailbreak community is familiar with similar functionality in tweaks like Mail Enhancer Pro, which can color-coat certain messages to let you know that they are more important than some of the other E-mails inside of your inbox.

    Even though Apple frowns upon the jailbreak community, it is pretty mind-boggling how they seem to enhance iOS with features that we bring to our iOS devices all by ourselves without Apple’s help.
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    1. flavorjunction's Avatar
      flavorjunction -
      Quote Originally Posted by brodimus View Post
      I'm actually disappointed they didn't steal more from the jailbreak community.

      I second this opinion.
    1. spooneditr's Avatar
      spooneditr -
      Quote Originally Posted by wildgene789 View Post
      Close to not needing a jailbreak. but i still need my SBsettings
      I agree
    1. amenter18's Avatar
      amenter18 -
      What's new exactly? Apple always steals from their jailbreakers... It's a brilliant idea actually, it cures exactly to what the public wants.
    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -
      Quote Originally Posted by justibackwardsn View Post
      If I just had an easy switch for Bluetooth I'd never jailbreak again.
      The app called "Bluetooth" allows easy springboard toggling of Bluetooth WITHOUT jailbreaking. It's actually a pretty clever app, download it from the AppStore and follow the directions to make it work. I used it in my iPad 3 before the jailbreak. It was a lifesaver.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Bluetooth now has it's own settings switch on first page of settings now.
    1. tomaz92's Avatar
      tomaz92 -
      they also removed the lock icon on the lockscreen, like a jailbreak tweak on cydia
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Don't get me wrong its cool to test the new OS..not worth losing my current jb to do so. None of these enhancements are worth it. I can wait until the jb comes out for iOS 6
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Hopefully it won't be to long.
    1. ramicio's Avatar
      ramicio -
      These devices are just getting closer to the NSA spy's dream device. Why do people need bookface integrated into their phone when there's an app? Why can't you get a version that has no Siri?
    1. brodimus's Avatar
      brodimus -
      Why would they make two models of the same phone just to have one without Siri when there's already a toggle to turn it off?
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      funny thing is is that none of this is exactly jailbreaks devs to say it was their original idea that got borrowed. otherwise this could be titled "what jailbeak devs borrowed from other companies" one was even apple considering the do not disturb function was on the mountain lion betas before it was made for iphone.
    1. GeoffS4's Avatar
      GeoffS4 -
      ...and tether, five icon(s), plethra of personalized "look & feel" and audio variations...

      Actually, some valuable reasons to still jailbreak. But at this rate, maybe in another ten years.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottjl View Post
      shrug. some of these are no brainers.. facetime over cell? apple planned it long ago, blame the carriers for not permitting it. ios facebook integration? rumored long ago from apple, before their negotiations with facebook broke down. siri on the ipad, did someone actually not expect apple to do this?

      it's hard to say some of these items were "borrowed" when they were rather obvious.
      I agree with this. A few of these were already in the works or Apple was planning on implementing them anyway, so they weren't borrowed from the JB community. I know I'll always wish for more JB items to be in iOS, but this update was pretty dang good!
    1. cragglemiester's Avatar
      cragglemiester -
      I wonder exactly how many apple employees have jailbroken idevices?
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      The one in baton rouge here. I know a few of the guys work there and they all have jailbroken devices.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by tomaz92 View Post
      they also removed the lock icon on the lockscreen, like a jailbreak tweak on cydia
      Hah! Yeah they did! Good eye!
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      StayOpened is also in iOS6.
    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      I they'd incorporate sbsettings or intelliscreenX & irealsms, there wouldn't be a need for me to jailbreak. Toggles & quickreply are much needed.
    1. kooris's Avatar
      kooris -
      None of these were "stolen", rather just implemented later than the jailbreak community. Rather, if it had to be put as "stolen" it would be the jailbreak community who has "stolen" these ideas and implemented them before apple could find practical, politically correct ways to.

      Honestly...how can you say something is stolen when it originated from rumours/changelogs etc.
    1. FredBumm's Avatar
      FredBumm -
      you say they "borrowed" from Jailbreakers.
      If it were the other way around, Apple would call the Jailbreakers thieves, "stealing" from them.
      I'm glad they're adopting new features. But they're doing exactly what what they're accusing Samsung of doing: They're stealing other peoples inventions and selling them as their own. This dissappoints me. They should pay the Jailbreak developers for licenses or at least donate an appropriate amount for charity.