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  • iOS 6 and Siri Wow at WWDC

    On Monday, iOS 6 was formally introduced to the Apple developer community and the world at large following the confirmation of updated MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros (read MMi's coverage here).

    Living up to the hype surrounding the iOS update, Scott Forstall - senior vice president of iPhone Software at Apple - delved into the spectacular new bells and whistles that will make the refreshed operating system a much-talked about presence across the mobile landscape.

    According to details shared on stage during the WWDC keynote today, Siri - first and foremost - is getting an update. In other words, she's getting smarter. In one example, Forstall asks Siri when the San Francisco 49ers' season begins and Siri promptly posts a complete season schedule.

    Siri is now tapping into new information services and platforms, raising Siri's IQ in that she can now provide better, more detailed information across a wide variety of interests, like dining out. OpenTable integration, for instance, helps you make dinner reservations from your device using Siri.

    From movies to music and dining to sports scores, Siri is going to do more - much more - like open apps. Car dealerships are even integrating with Siri to deliver "spoken alerts" to drivers. Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi, and others will all integrate Siri in the coming year.

    Confirming earlier rumors, Facebook will see improved integration as the social network can now be updated via voice command through Siri.

    As expected, Siri is coming to the iPad.

    Stay with MMi for more news and insight about iOS 6 as WWDC continues.
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    1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
      Rokesomesmeefer -
      Quote Originally Posted by zrevai View Post
      I fully agree about dropping iPad 1!!! The 3Gs is still sold though so AT&T is probably forcing them to support iOS 6. Guess my iPad 1 is gonna be a movie only tablet now, such a bummer as it's identical hardware to iPhone 4 just slightly less RAM but still more powerful than a 3Gs!!!

      Though I bet it will be like iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G where the 3Gs will probably not get the full iOS 6 experience. I'm sure it will have some stuff stripped out completely, perhaps no new maps or at least a crippled version with no 3D vector stuff!!!
      Even if that's the case, they have absolutely NO legitimate reason to not support the iPad. They are simply trying to force us to buy new iPads. The hardware in the 1st gen iPad is practically identical to the iPhone 4 with the exception of half of the RAM. Even with half the RAM, it's still far more capable than the 3GS.

      Pure greed, and for that, they've lost me. Next phone will be Android. Thank you Apple for making the decision for me, I was completely on the fence until today. I was getting tired of the jailbreaking game anyway.
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      waroftyr -
      Ltechtalk send me a pm
    1. sirbebe's Avatar
      sirbebe -
      [QUOTE=NickFerguson;6566316]FaceTime over 3g confirmed. nothing like biteSMS , new maps which looks amazing, Facebook integration, "Do not disturb" mode, and a whole bunch more.

      all i can say is i give iOS 6 a 9/10. i just really wish they'd add in a better messaging system that would let us send a text while we were say playing a game or reading something. Good job apple [/QUOTE

      You can use bites mms you just have to use activator. You can be playing a game press up and tap on the volume speaker that pops up and then a quick window opens while your game pauses and once you hit send the game resumes all without having to back out the game or call or surfing web. Unless you meant using Siri i couldn't tell you. Lol
    1. hank197857's Avatar
      hank197857 -
      whatever apple plans to unveil, it had better do it soon. my apple community is fast becoming a galaxy one.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Apple unveiled it yesterday. Did you miss it?
      Enjoy your Galaxy.
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      Self proclaimed most advanced mobile OS.