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  • iOS 6 to Exclude the Original iPad?

    iOS 6 beta (build 10A5316k) is expected to make its appearance at WWDC this week. It seems that some of the beta links for iOS 6 have made their way out just a little bit early, according to Chinese forum WeiPhone.com, however the links are not quite working yet. This could mean that Apple is beginning to prepare their developer download links to the iOS 6 beta that will be revealed so that the links are ready to be downloaded as soon as they announce it.

    What is interesting is that the original iPad is left out of the iOS 6 beta links. The iPhone 3GS, which has a slower processor than the original iPad, will still be able to run iOS 6 beta as well as every other iPhone released after the iPhone 3GS, according to the links. As a bonus, only the iPod touch 4G will be able to run iOS 6 beta – the iPod touch 3G doesn't have any iOS 6 beta links available. The iPad 2 and the new iPad will also be able to run iOS 6 beta, according to the links.

    The findings could mean one of two things – either Apple isn’t finished with their linking, or they plan to phase out the original iPad from their iOS operating system sooner than expected. It would honestly make more sense for Apple to stop supporting the iPhone 3GS instead of the original iPad due to hardware capabilities.

    The finding that the original iPad is not supported is currently still just a rumor, however all truths shall soon be entirely revealed. iOS 6 is expected to bring a whole bunch of great new features to iOS, including a new maps system, a ‘do not disturb’ feature, Facebook integration, and bring Siri to the new iPad. More features will likely be added, but not enough has been uncovered about the operating system to know for sure.

    If Apple does choose not to support the original iPad, we can be sure of one thing: many Apple customers won't be happy.

    Sources: MacRumors
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    1. level5DJ's Avatar
      level5DJ -
      Quote Originally Posted by KernelPad View Post
      oh that's sad for iPad 1 users and soon for 3GS users, apple is forcing people to buy new products which isn't fair but I guess a part of business. Luckily I have an iPad 2 , soon that will be incompatible.
      I mean they're not forcing anyone to buy anything. It's not as if first-generation iPad will simply cease to work, they just won't run the newest OS. There's plenty of PPC Macs that are still running-and-gunning every day with Leopard or even Tiger. Not having the newest OS doesn't mean the product is worthless. My iPad 1 will be just fine with iOS 5.
    1. fventura03's Avatar
      fventura03 -
      good choice, kind of what like they should've done with iOS4 and the iPhone 3g - which led to so many iPhone 3g being unusable due to the power iOS4 needed.