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  • [Review] Download Reminder - Get Notified When Apps Finish Installing

    Do you ever feel that rush of excitement when you start downloading an application that you really want from the App Store? It can be very mind-numbing to watch that little blue bar fill up Ė especially when the application is large and takes a while to download. Now, instead of simply watching and waiting, you can be alerted when your applications finish downloading and installing. The tweak is called Download Reminder, by iOS developer greensnow, and you can download it for free from Cydia today.

    Download Reminder works with applications you download manually as well as those that you update. It doesnít integrate with Notification Center. Instead, the tweak relies on an alert popup message. The way this tweak is implemented brings back memories from iOS 4 as the alert can get in your way because you have to manually dismiss it. It would be better using iOS 5ís notification banner system since they appear and disappear automatically.

    What's more is that Download Reminder only works with the App Store; applications downloaded from Cydia and other sources are not included in the alerts. The alert doesnít pop up when the download finishes; instead, the alert waits until the application is completely installed to appear. With Download Reminder, you can start playing a game while you wait for an application download and know exactly when itís done without having to continuously check the download status.

    While Download Reminder could be a useful asset for those larger applications that you never know how long itís going to take to download, it could become tedious when you are downloading smaller applications that take only moments to download as the popup could come off as 'just another annoying step.' Download Reminder has no options to configure and you will have to uninstall it if you want to disable it.

    If you donít mind backtracking to the iOS 4 popup alert days and you like the idea of knowing when your applications are finished downloading, be sure to try Download Reminder.

    Name: Download Reminder
    Price: FREE
    Version: 2.0
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: greensnow
    Editor's Rating:  2/5

    Sources: greensnow
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    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Not bad for a free tweak
    1. nzlotrfan's Avatar
      nzlotrfan -
      I think it would be better if it was a banner notification at the top. But still great!
    1. JLick's Avatar
      JLick -
      Notificator has this
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Quote Originally Posted by nzlotrfan View Post
      I think it would be better if it was a banner notification at the top. But still great!
      Agree. But pretty cool tweak
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Sounds annoying especially when doing multiple app updates change it to banner notifications maybe
    1. greensnow's Avatar
      greensnow -
      Thanks when i made this the reason why i didn't make it with the banner is because its not as noticeable. say if you when to go and get something to eat and came back, with the pop you you would see that its finished, with the banner it would have disaperd by then and you would be sitting there waiting for it to pop up wile playing a game or something (and it wouldn't pop up if it was a banner cause it has already and disapeard)

      Well thats what i was thinking when i made it
    1. scottjl's Avatar
      scottjl -
      i tried this, but it caused springboard crashes repeatedly on my ipad 2012. had to give it up. something that should be built into ios though with a proper notification.
    1. gruhu13's Avatar
      gruhu13 -
      i dont think you need that