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  • Unlock iOS 5.1+ Exclusive Emojis With This New Jailbreak Tweak!

    You’ve probably never seen the iOS Emojis displayed in the screenshots above – this is because they are only available in iOS 5.1+ or Mac OS X Lion+ and Apple never gave us access to them (what else is new?). The additional Emojis play nicely with the Emojis you already have access to, however anyone on iOS 5.0.1 or older or using Mac OS X Snow Leopard or older will not be able to see these Emojis if you use them, so you will have to be selective to whom you send them to.

    If you want access to these additional Emojis, you can gain access to them by downloading a new paid jailbreak tweak dubbed Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+. The tweak was created by iOS developer Moeseth; the same guy that gave us the unicode keyboard for iOS with his free PictoKeyboard jailbreak tweak. Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+ will cost you 99˘ and you will find it in the BigBoss repository.

    After you install the tweak, you will need to head over to your Settings application where you will find a preferences pane for Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+. From here you can choose the foreign keyboard you want to replace with the Emoji2 keyboard and you can change the layout of the keyboard to rearrange your favorite Emojis where you want them. After replacing a foreign keyboard with the Emoji2 keyboard, you will have to tap a button to save your changes. If you have issues, Moeseth includes a cache clearing button, which should help fix everything up. Additionally, if you don't like the space bar and return key reading in a foreign language, Moeseth includes directions for changing them to English so the Emoji2 keyboard blends right in with your English keyboard. The preferences pane is shown in all of its simplicity below:

    In case you can’t find the Emoji2 keyboard after configuring the options, Moeseth includes this demonstrative image to help you out after you replace a keyboard with the Emoji2 keyboard. The image just illustrates that you must enable the keyboard you replaced to use your new spawn of Emojis:

    These Emojis can be used with any application that doesn’t have root permission and they work on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 5.1 or newer. If you like text messaging, writing notes to yourself, or Tweeting on Twitter, then this additional Emoji keyboard will make a great addition to your iOS device.

    Note: The Emojis work in much more applications than just Messages, Notes, and Twitter.

    Name: Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+
    Price: 99˘
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 5.1+
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Moeseth
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: Moeseth
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    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by hadzo View Post
      You can press the globe button and hold it to toggle in between the keyboards. I find it easy and you know exactly which keyboard to use instead of tapping the globe button.

      Thanx! Yeah, I know that method, too...I was just used to my normal way of typing/adding emojis.

      I had another keyboard tweak pre-iOS 5.1.1 that replaced the Catalan keyboard and I found it annoying, even after months of use.

      Wish there were an 'easier' way to implement the new Emojis...
    1. blueberry27's Avatar
      blueberry27 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mmaboi21 View Post
      Links^^? So we can read this ourselves.
      OK.. here is the link moe seth Says: Zawgyi keyboard showing ??? instead of letters

      Look for point 1 under Solution..
      "1: Firstly, you cannot remove zawgyi font directly. You need to install "Zawgyi Font iOS Uninstaller" first. This step is really important, otherwise you might end up restoring your device."

      This is for "Zawgyi" keyboard (which give Myanmar Language) but he use the same method for all his development, so all effect are same. However he never mention the "Uninstaller" will work for picto/emoji2.

      It's kinda sad for me to say that I dun trust him at all cos he is my country man. Lolz.

      Quote Originally Posted by goodred2 View Post
      You hit this right on the nose except for the permanent crash/reboot happened immediately after downloading and respringing. My phone has had no issues prior to downloading this tweak so I attribute it to be the cause. I am still crashing at startup to safe mode even after uninstalling the tweak. Is there a way to correct this now?
      Hi Goodred2,

      I feel bad for you and yr iDevice. When it happened to me I paniced as well. And i didnt give myself much tries to find solution and go ahead with restore immediately.

      What I can sugguest is you can try this...
      1. Check if u still can acceess your Device thru yr PC/MAC with iExplorer/iphonebrowser.
      2. Get yr hand on another iPhone running same ver as yr and jailbroken.
      3. From that other phone, go to SYSTEM>FONT>Cache and copy all fonts. (cos i do not know which is the one moeseth replace)
      4. Then replace those to your phone under same folder.

      But if 1st step failed, then restore is the only option.
      And I cant ganrentee that my method will work because I know he replace one of those font files but there might be some other system files affected by his method which I will never know and I dun plan to find out myself.

      Gd Luck!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by thazsar View Post
      Thanx! Yeah, I know that method, too...I was just used to my normal way of typing/adding emojis.

      I had another keyboard tweak pre-iOS 5.1.1 that replaced the Catalan keyboard and I found it annoying, even after months of use.

      Wish there were an 'easier' way to implement the new Emojis...
      Yes.. there is... u just need a bit of time and patient.

      U know what keyboard shortcut for iOS 5.0 and above?
      u can customized your emoji there...

      1st Enable Emoji from Setting>General>Keyboard>International>Emoji
      Then under Setting>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts create new and type...
      "Pharse: " (from emoji keyboard under globe button)
      "Shortcut: : )" (without space/shortcut cannot contain space)
      And save. Repeat for as much emoji as u want.
      Then u can removed your emoji globe button

      Start typing : ) and auto correct will replace to


      EDIT: Ok, sorry. This is for existing Emoji! For emoji2 that this post mention,
      1st. you need to get the right font file from higher iOS version or those beta version. Copy it to SYSTEM>FONT>Cache.
      2. Then look for var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/UserDictionary.sqlite. Copy to PC and edit using sqlite editor.
      3. Open Character Map and browse that new Font file u extract from newer iOS version. (of cos have to install into your PC as well)
      4. Copy those emoji from Character Map to the database and add shortcut key (similar to what u did on your iPhone).
      5. Replace UserDictionary.sqlite on your iphone (REMEMBER: always backup... easiest way just copy/paste and add .bak at the end of file extension)

      Quote Originally Posted by KabutoCub View Post
      Why isn't this compatible with PictoKeyboard?? I bought it, but when i went to install it PictoKeyboard was going to be removed.

      I use PictoKeyboard A LOT. It allows you to insert ASCII emoticons and symbols in any app, website text box, or text message, and unlike Emoji, they are always displayed.

      It sucks that I found this out AFTER paying the .99 cents.
      Because he use exactly the same coding and files and replace only the "linked font file" for all his keyboard tweaks. In other words, it's just a cheat.

      BTW. Moeseth, "u might gonna see this post sooner or later (or mayb yr supporter who love Zawgyi). No offense man, but I gotta help these people. My initail grudge is againt Saturngod. Sorry bro!"
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      I wish they added another little poop guy.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by thedirtydiddler View Post
      i wish they added another little poop guy.
      lol!!! +1