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  • 'Do Not Disturb' and Other Mountain Lion Features Reportedly Coming to iOS 6

    A mockup by Spencer Caldwell for 9to5Mac of what the "Do Not Disturb" toggle will look like.

    If 9to5Mac’s sources are right, the cross breeding between iOS and Apple’s OS X operating systems will be even more apparent when Apple unveils iOS 6 later this year.

    So far most of the cross breeding between the two operating systems has been evident in the iOS 5 features popping up in developer builds of OS X Mountain Lion. However, sources claim iOS will include Mountain Lion features like iCloud Tabs support, Mail VIPs, and the awesome “Do Not Disturb” notification option.

    The iCloud Tabs feature allows iCloud users to view a list of Safari tabs open across all of their registered iCloud devices. The feature showed up in a OS X Lion developer build in the middle of May, but the feature isn’t implemented across both iOS 6 and OS X Lion. 9to5Mac’s sources claim when the iCloud Tabs button is clicked in iOS 6, a synchronized list of tabs open across all the users devices is shown. The Tabs button is hidden behind the bookmarks toolbar according to 9to5Mac.

    Apple also plans on including a “Do Not Disturb” toggle in iOS 6. When switched on this toggle hides all alerts and banners on your device just like the options OS X Lion counterpart that showed up in a Mountain Lion developer build earlier this year. 9to5Mac’s source wasn’t able to supply any photos, but they site did release mockups made by Spencer Caldwell, which are incredibly believable and likely to dupe a few readers/bloggers into thinking they’re the real deal.

    Finally, iOS 6 will inherit Mountain Lion’s Mail VIPs feature. The VIPs feature in iOS 6 reportedly operates like its Mountain Lion counterpart putting a star next to emails from user specified groups of people. The addition of VIPs to iOS 6 will allow those with iCloud accounts to sync their groups across their entire Apple ecosystem.

    Hopefully 9to5Mac’s source is reputable as inclusion these Mountain Lion features into iOS 6 will make the iCloud experience increasingly seamless.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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    1. H4CK3R's Avatar
      H4CK3R -
      I guess it'd be handy if you used it a lot. Apple should really make the settings app more customizable in my opinion. There's toggles I wish were on the first page that aren't :/
    1. shortysos7's Avatar
      shortysos7 -
      The best feature on lion that could come to ios6 is not even being implemented but is already out as a jailbreak tweak. (MountainLion notification center). Works beautifully on the iPad except trying to read articles from intelliscreenx.