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  • Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for the iPad

    Have you just jailbroken your iPad on iOS 5.1.1 using the newest version of Absinthe? If not, check out our guide on how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0.1!

    Figuring out what you want to download in an application store of infinite possibilities after your first time jailbreaking can be difficult. Luckily, ModMyi has your back! Refresh all of your Cydia sources, because here are five great tweaks to get you started with your newly jailbroken iPad running iOS 5.1.1.

    1. Quasar

    Quasar (by Pedro Franceschi) is the first successful tweak to bring true window management to the iPad. Window management allows you to multitask without a need for the App Switcher as itís like running applications the same way you do on your Mac OS X or Windows personal computer. In this sense, it makes the iPad a more versatile machine by allowing you to run several applications side by side. This is true multitasking! Quasar allows you to run even iPhone applications in their true size right beside the iPad applications. You can enter full screen via a full screen button at the bottom of each application window. You can find Quasar on the BigBoss repository for $9.99.

    2. ProTube HD

    ProTube HD (by Jonas Gessner) brings a great YouTube client to the iPad. While many have agreed for ages that iOSí stock YouTube application is a completely limited and nearly useless YouTube client, Apple still has not tried to make it better. Instead, YouTube made their own mobile application that users could add by bookmarking the site to their home screen. Taking YouTube's own interface even further, ProTube HD adds features to the mobile application such as video downloading, video streaming, ad blockers, AirPlay support, and more. ProTube HD can be found on the BigBoss repository for just $1.49.

    3. FullScreen for iPad

    FullScreen for iPad (by Yllier) gives the iPad full-screen Mobile Safari browsing. The iPad has a massive screen that should be taken advantage of. Unlike Mac OS X Lion, which has a full-featured full screen Safari Web browser with multi-touch gestures, the iPad is still limited to the boxed-in interface without any multi-touch gestures. FullScreen for Safari breaks this limitation by not only adding full-screen support, but also adding multi-touch gestures that can be used to navigate the internet the same way you do in Mac OS X Lionís version of Safari. You can find FullScreen for Safari in the BigBoss repository for $2.19.

    4. Dashboard X

    Dashboard X (by Ori Kadosh) brings all of your widgets out of Notification Center and onto your home screen so that you can dedicate your Notification Center to notifications as it was intended to be. Dashboard X includes a separate interface that can be invoked by Activator to show your widgets if you donít want them cluttering your home screen. The widgets include those of Notification Center and also some other widgets that are designed just for Dashboard X. The widgets can be enabled or disabled at any time and placed on any home screen page that you might want them on. They sit right next to your application icons and with the iPad's large screen, you will find a home for all of your widgets easily! You can find Dashboard X on the ModMyi repository for $1.99.

    5. SwipeSelection

    SwipeSelection (by Kyle Howells) brings a better sense of text-editing to the iPad. It was never fun having to hold down and drag across such a large iPad screen, so it was time to make text-editing less cumbersome by adding keyboard swipe gestures. SwipeSelection includes slow cursor placement gestures, fast cursor placement gestures, and text-selection gestures so you can select large bodies of text as accurately or as quickly as you want to. SwipeSelection will move the cursor around either when you are dragging across the keyboard with one finger or with two fingers. Additionally, you can select text by holding down on the shift key and dragging across the keyboard. These keyboard gestures are much better than reaching across the screen to select bodies of text. You can find SwipeSelecton on the BigBoss repository for free.

    There are also many other good tweaks out there, however these five have been selected because of popularity, practicality, functionality, or cosmetic gorgeousness. If you want to learn about even more awesome jailbreak tweaks or even App Store applications, then check out our Staff favorites post! Additionally, if you have an iPhone, take a look at our list of ten great tweaks for the iPhone.
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    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Quote Originally Posted by curly420 View Post
      You're totally missing one of the best. AirServer. Turn the iPad into an AirPlay receiver. I cram my 64gb iPhone with videos and watch them on my iPad anywhere.
      You do know there is a free app in the app store that does the exact same thing and its free.
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Quote Originally Posted by jtmf View Post
      Quasar is a great concept but it's too buggy to use it.. Just had to disable it.... (don't buy it until it gets better).
      The thing I dislike about quasar (and I'm not sure this is even something fixable because apps were built this way) is resizing a widow has a locked aspect ratio.

      Because of this you can have an app from top to bottom but only at half width to run two programs side by side.
    1. spqrguymontag's Avatar
      spqrguymontag -
      Quote Originally Posted by rocketApe View Post
      Swipe Safari is so much better than Full Screen For iPad: it includes the full-screen for iPad features, but adds some awesome gesture features.

      And, yes, $10 is steep for any app. Thing is, Quasar works like a dream on my iPad 3. The increased functionality is far from a novelty and must be considered a serious extension to the iPad's UI. And, I don't wanna even think about the time and effort it took to develop this. My $10 bucks is a small "thank you" for making my iPad waaaaaay more useful.
      I installed Swipe Safari and it broke the ability to use the keyboard for web forms. Any ideas on why?
    1. elcabezon's Avatar
      elcabezon -
      Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
      You do know there is a free app in the app store that does the exact same thing and its free.
      What's the name of that app?
    1. RGee's Avatar
      RGee -
      Quasar is a good tweak but for $10 and bugs it's not worth that much if anything 4 dollars.
      If your thinking of buying it, wait until its more stable. I uninstall it due to apps freezing and
      Only option I had was to restart by pressing power and home button.
    1. ViperzDTL's Avatar
      ViperzDTL -
      I bought it because of the reviews on its multitasking feature. It's very handy and actually isn't buggy at all. I got ISX for convenient resprings if any bugs do arise
      The bugs that come up do arise pretty often but I'm not very bothered by them, especially since the overall use of it is very good
      I use Quaser on iPad 3 and it runs just fine, no lags nor major problems.
      The price tag isn't worth it as many people have suggested but a few extra $s above what I think it should be is perfectly fine, knowing that stability will get better and it's great multitasking feature
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      Quote Originally Posted by jtmf View Post
      Quasar is a great concept but it's too buggy to use it.. Just had to disable it.... (don't buy it until it gets better).
      Did you try the latest version? It fixes some bugs and works great on my iPad.