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  • White iPad 2 in the Works?

    A new photo leaked from Shenzen allegedly reveals that we may see a white iPad 2 at Wednesday's event. The photo shows a front bezel of what we believe to be the iPad 2, except this time it's in white. We all know the saga about the white iPhone 4, which was delayed over and over again by Apple, but maybe Apple finally got their problems worked out for the iPad, and plan to unveil both colors at the March 2 media event. At this point it seems the white iPhone 4 will never happened, but that doesn't mean we couldn't see it on an iPad first.

    Apple is wildly expected to announce the iPad 2 at its event Wednesday, which is scheduled for 10 AM Pacific Time. The new iPad is expected to be thinner, with a faster processor, and improved graphics. It will most likely include at least a front-facing camera, and likely a rear-facing one as well. The leaked photo comes from iFixyouri in China, according to 9to5Mac who first got their hands on the photo.

    We'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out if Apple really did figure out the problems with their white products, and to see if we'll see the world's first white iPad.

    image: 9to5Mac
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      I'd love it but it would be challenging
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      Quote Originally Posted by Rob2G View Post
      I ******* love how people come to a forum for APPLE idevice mods and say how stupid apple fans are. It's ******* ridiculous.
      Like he said.
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      If the back its white, maybe but not with the actual gray one