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  • Best Tweaks of the Week 5/7 - 5/13

    Here are the best jailbreak creations for the week of May 7th until today, May 13th as per the opinion of our staff. This is a weekly recap.

    1. Dashboard X - $1.99

    Dashboard X is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Ori Kadosh. Dashboard X gives us the ability to place iOSí Notification Center widgets almost anywhere we want them to be outside of Notification Center. It comes with two main interfaces Ė home screen view and also dashboard view. Home screen view is the view that allows you to place any Notification Center widgets on the home screen amongst your application icons and dashboard view is the view that allows you to invoke an Activator action to view all your widgets from anywhere, even inside of applications. Dashboard X supports not only Notification Center widgets, but also some special widgets made just for Dashboard X.

    2. Homescreen Contacts - $1.99

    Homescreen Contacts is a cool new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer yeahwangy. Homescreen Contacts makes it easier to set contact speed dials by allowing you to put the most important contacts on your iPhone right on your home screen. The tweak includes a very nice interface that appears to be built off of the linen folder interface and makes it easy to distinguish between contact icons and application icons by placing custom badges on them. The badges can be removed if you donít like them. The contacts are easily placed on the home screen via a button at the bottom of the contact information from the Contacts application.

    3. DoNotDisturb - FREE

    DoNotDisturb is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Rudolf Lichtner. DoNotDisturb is a hybrid between a jailbreak tweak and a widget. The widget allows you to toggle a switch from Notification Center to automatically mute all of iOSí notifications. Badges and Notification Center alerts will continue to stack so you donít miss them, however lock screen notifications and sounds will be blocked so the iPhone sitting on your nightstand right next to your bed wonít wake up you up at night as you doze off. Turning the switch back off again will allow the iPhone to resume its usual notification functions.

    4. BatteryInfo for Notification Center - 99Ę

    BatteryInfo for Notification Center is a new jailbreak widget by iOS developer Chef von Australien. BatteryInfo for Notification Center has a very detailed interface for allowing the user to view information about their iOS deviceís battery. It includes information such as charge, capacity, amount of charge cycles, and even the temperature. All packed together into a neat interface, this widget boasts informative statistics that can help users decide when itís time to get a new battery. The only major drawback might be the size of the widget.

    5. AutoProtect - FREE

    AutoProtect is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer FlloTouch. AutoProtect aims to make entering your pass code less of a pain by making your iOS device more aware of when it could be in danger or not. The tweak allows you to enter your homeís Wi-Fi name and whenever your iOS device connects to a wireless network with the Wi-Fi name of the one you entered, iOS will not ask you for a pass code. This means that you donít have to waste any time entering pass codes when your iOS device is in a low risk area like at home. When the iOS device connects to any Wi-Fi network besides the one you have entered, iOS will continue to ask for your pass code as usual, which means you can ensure security anywhere away from home.

    Stay tuned for next week's best tweaks - only on ModMyi!
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      autoprotect is better than many, if not most, paid apps.