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  • [Review] AutoProtect - Make Your Passcode More Intelligent

    While the iOS pass code system can be quite secure as long as people donít see you type it in, it still becomes a pain having to enter it when youíre in a safe situation where there is no chance of anyone getting into your iOS device. A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed AutoProtect by iOS developer FlloTouch will make the pass code system more intelligent so you donít have to enter it at every waking moment of your life that you try to use your iOS device.

    So how does AutoProtect make your pass code more intelligent? The tweak makes it so iOS only requests you to enter your pass code when you are not on your home Wi-Fi network. The tweak comes with a preferences pane in the Settings application where you need to enter the name of your home Wi-Fi network. The tweak will actively check your Wi-Fi connections when you change a network and when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, iOS will not ask you for your pass code.

    The idea behind this tweak is useful because while we are at home, it is usually only our families in the house. This can be either good or bad depending on your home environment. Some people use the pass code to keep family out of their iOS devices as well as their friends and strangers. Other people like to have a family device and keep other people out of it.

    For the people that live alone, this tweak is great because it will save you time in getting into your iOS device and keep it secure while you are abroad. If you are interested in making your pass code more intelligent and saving yourself some time from having to enter the pass code all the time, then you should check this tweak out as it works pretty well.

    You can enable or disable the tweak at any time to maximize your security.

    Name: AutoProtect
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.1
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: Fllotouch
    Editor's Rating:  3/5

    Sources: Cydia
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    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      holy ****! that's what I had for my router's name a few months back! "FBI Surveillance Van #******"...do you live in queens new york? lol
    1. aventheusiast's Avatar
      aventheusiast -
      Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
      I want something that will remember my user name and password for my school schedule online. my school does not allow smart phones to cache passwords and user names for that particular function. Something like password pilot would be nice... except it would store my login and password for my schedule.

      1Password (iTunes app store) will not only keep track of your user names & Passwords;'it will also help you create unique cryptic passwords for,every single site, then place an encrypted copy of your "keychain" on Dropbox (I believe there may be other options, but I use Dropbox) so that you can access this information from any of your iOS or Mac devices (I believe there may be a PC version as well, but I have never had the need to check. Also, the Mac version requires a separate purchase via the Mac App store).

      I started using 1Password after the Gawker.com site was hacked 1-2 years ago and one of my more common passwords was exposed to the world. I now have unique passwords for every single website I go to. While the application is far easier to use on a Mac, due to the availability of browser plug-ins, 4-finger swipe app switching makes it usable on the iPad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that ios6 might finally provide an architecture which would allow apps to pass information back and forth (with user settings determining limitations) so that apps like this can integrate better. (not to mention my desire to take addresses from web searches and send them to my chosen navigation app; rather than to google maps .... Soon to be replaced by iMaps or whatever Apple ends up calling their own map app). Got a bit off topic, but hope this answers your question.
    1. Exit 12's Avatar
      Exit 12 -
      Guyz, what if my wi-fi is SWITCHED-OFF !!?
      This tweak will b useless, right ?
    1. Pir8pete's Avatar
      Pir8pete -
      just updated, 102 has up to 5 slots
    1. ymarcus93's Avatar
      ymarcus93 -
      The thing is if you have SBSettings. Someone could just disable the wifi from the lock screen and unlock
    1. Aehmlo's Avatar
      Aehmlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by ymarcus93 View Post
      The thing is if you have SBSettings. Someone could just disable the wifi from the lock screen and unlock
      Nope. If you disable wifi, it'll turn your passcode on no matter where you are. But if you are connected to your chosen wifi network, it will not be required.
    1. hank197857's Avatar
      hank197857 -
      autoprotect is a great tool, even better, because it's free!