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  • Apple Lowers Price of Refurbished iPads

    If you don’t suffer from a deadly case of “oneupsmanship” Apple’s latest retooling of their refurbished iPad and iPad 2 pricing might suit your fancy.

    A refurbished 16GB WiFiiPad can now be had for as little as $279. The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 costs $319. The 3G equivalents still hold a $130 premium over their WiFi counterparts however.

    2nd Generation Apple iPads:

    16GB $319; 3G $449
    32GB $399 ; 3G $529
    64GB $499 ; 3G $629

    1st Generation Apple iPads:

    16GB Wifi $279; + 3G $379
    32GB WiFi $349; + 3G $449
    64GB Wifi $449; + 3G $549
    The lower prices are likely in response to the lower price of the retooled 16GB iPad 2, which has a considerably longer battery life because of the smaller A5 processor inside. Other refurbished sellers or “slightly used sellers” like Glyde.com still have the 2011 16GB iPad 2 priced at $345 plus $11.53 shipping. Also, Apple store refurbs have the advantage of a full year Apple warranty, the same bestowed upon a “new” iPad, as well as a brand new back plate and brand new battery.

    Not a bad time to buy if you’re in the market for an iPad given the number of choices and the number of deals.

    Source: Apple [via TechBargains]
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    1. Aehmlo's Avatar
      Aehmlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
      We still use our first gen a lot. Mainly for streaming tv shows from the networks apps. So I have been in no rush to upgrade yet.
      I use mine constantly. For everything I can - app development, website development, notes for school, games, etc. no problems with it. Not in a rush to upgrade either. Only reason people say I should is for the camera. Who uses their iPad's camera for anything but FaceTime?
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      Quote Originally Posted by GooseG View Post
      They don't have 16GB ones anymore. Both iPads

      They only have 64gb models for both colors.