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  • [Review] SwipeSelection - Make iOS Text-Editing Less Cumbersome!

    If you find text editing from iOS cumbersome, then you’re not alone. It’s even worse on the iPad because of the large screen requiring you to reach out further. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed SwipeSelection by iOS developer Kyle Howells aims for the stars to make text editing more intuitive by introducing swipe gestures to the realm of selecting text and moving the cursor around instead of having to tap or hold down to select text and move the cursor around.

    SwipeSelection is absolutely easy to understand, as there are only three basic gestures to use with the tweak. The first being to activate the Shift key and then swipe across the keyboard to select text, the second being to swipe from one side of the keyboard to the other with one finger to move the cursor around slowly and accurately, and the last being to swipe from one side of the keyboard with two fingers to move the cursor quickly, which is less accurate because of the speed.

    The swipe gestures feel more at home in the iOS environment because they’re so much more fluid. Having to reach out and tap on the text can lead to innacurate placement of the cursor and to top it all off your finger gets in the way of seeing what you’re doing. Because SwipeSelection has you select text from the keyboard area, you can always see what you are doing because your finger is never hovering over the text.

    You will always have the option of choosing which method of moving the cursor or selecting the text you want to use – that of SwipeSelection, or using iOS’ stock method. SwipeSelection works with iOS 4 and newer and runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iPad owners will probably see this tweak as a must-have because of the fact that editing text on the iPad is a workout. For smaller screens like that on the iPhone or iPod touch, this is more of a luxury tweak.

    Functionally, the tweak works absolutely beautifully. For a free jailbreak tweak, we couldn’t have asked for better functionality. If you want to grab this and give it a try, you can find it on the BigBoss repository today.

    Name: SwipeSelection
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.9-4
    Requirements: iOS 4+
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Kyle Howells
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Sources: Kyle Howells
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Review] SwipeSelection - Make iOS Text-Editing Less Cumbersome! started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. Liveitlive's Avatar
      Liveitlive -
      Quote Originally Posted by i113 View Post
      Good job with such a useful tweak. I can't believe it's free.
      I'd pay for an upgrade that works in safari.
      I would as well. I like safari in some instinces over atomic. and, I've donated 2 dollars for less useful apps/tweaks lol.
    1. JimboHurt's Avatar
      JimboHurt -
      Quote Originally Posted by gotzaiPhone View Post
      I liked it, but ran into a big problem. Apparently, I must not lift my fingers very high off the screen when typing and it was causing the cursor to move backwards and was screwing up what I was typing. Good concept, but I've been typing this way since the original iPhone and I can't change that now.
    1. SeaPea's Avatar
      SeaPea -
      Great tweak! Saves lots of time waiting for the magnifying glass to appear before you scroll.

      Too bad, it doesn't work with international keyboard with Character Stroke Input Method. I have to remove it as i need the Chinese Character Input method to work.

      Otherwise, it is a brilliant tweak.
    1. Liveitlive's Avatar
      Liveitlive -
      Quote Originally Posted by Liveitlive View Post
      I would as well. I like safari in some instinces over atomic. and, I've donated 2 dollars for less useful apps/tweaks lol.
      Guess we should go Donate now that the update today fixed the safari issue hu lol
    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      Only been out for 2-3 days... Already we receive an update to work with Safari around the same time someone posted they were bummed there was no safari support... This was dope the moment it came out... It's only gonna get better... Used it again tonight on this... Ahhhh yeah... Smooth like Butter... And it's free!
    1. Andydigital's Avatar
      Andydigital -
      It does work in Atomic after all, but it wont work on any forums with super fancy compose boxes like ipBoard, you need to flick the little switch in the top left corner of the compose box to switch iPBoard to the basic text input box, then SwipeSelection works fine.