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  • Eleven-Year-Old Boy Urinates On $36k Worth of MacBook Computers

    "Well, there goes $36,000 worth of good computers," as Upper Allen Elementary School staff must have been thinking to themselves after an eleven-year-old boy dropped his pants and urinated all over a computer cart full of 36 MacBook computers on Wednesday. All 36 MacBook computers were damaged in the incident.

    Iím not sure what it would have taken to get a child to think it was a good idea to treat a cart of computers like a urinal, however peer pressure or feeling the need for revenge may have played a huge part of it. We know that childrenís minds are not yet fully developed to completely understand the gravity of destroying $36,000 worth of computers, but it simply makes sense even to a somewhat normal eleven-year-old child that urinating should be saved for the bathroom.

    According to the police that populated this event, the MacBook computers were damaged beyond repair. Apple does not cover water damage in their AppleCare warranties, let alone something of this caliber. The child was later charged with criminal mischief and is being turned over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department by police.

    I could never fathom the look on the faces of the police when they received the call saying an Elementary schoolís computers have been destroyed and defiled by such a mindless act. While the replacement process will be an expensive one for the school, it was probably even worse for the poor staff that had to clean up the mess. One could only feel their remorse and feel sorry for them.

    There is an old saying: "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

    Sources: Pennlive via Cult of Mac
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    1. alanjf's Avatar
      alanjf -
      Quote Originally Posted by cockyjeremy View Post
      The malware thing is way overplayed. The "Greenpeace" idiots are only making themselves look stupid, not Apple. Apple doesn't need to do anything to look good but keep making awesome products. The school should just sue the kid's parents and make them pay for it.
      I agree with you about Greenpeace for the most part, but the malware issue has been [b]under[b]played, if anything, since the figures that have reported are only known cases. I do computer support for both businesses as well as house-calls and I see cases of OS X based malware all the time, and it's been getting a lot more frequent over the past year; it really is a lot higher than just what's been reported. It always is, no matter what OS you're talking about. News reports or reports from an A/V firm only reflect the people they've actually surveyed, but the question is how many other are there that don't make the limelight.
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Quote Originally Posted by celeron View Post
      Lmao...not even a retarted kid would do such thing. My sister is 10 years old and sonetimes she outsmarts me lol.
      This is why you only buy kids netbooks for school, nice and disposable.
    1. tridley68's Avatar
      tridley68 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Colby21 View Post
      **mod edit**
      On a note pertaining to the article. I think the school's insurance will cover this, or the state depending on whether it was public or private. So no harm no foul. The computer's probably weren't purchase for retail since they were bought in bulk.
      They should have gotten them Liquipel.
    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      Actually, with Apple, it might not be as expensive as you think. They generally are very nice to schools and if they explain what happened, it is possible that Apple will work something out with the school.

      It would generate a lot of goodwill for Apple, which they could probably use right now between the Malware items popping up everywhere and the Greenpeace protests.

      That being said, this kid was just plain dumb and I hope they lock him away for a very long time and possibly the parents as well, after all, they are responsible for educating their children about what is right and wrong.
      I wouldn't hope as much...
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Sounds like a case of more free-range children we have so many of today. No rules, no respect. Just how much liquid does an 11 year olds bladder hold? I can't imagine how this happened. Did he lay them out in a row and run along as he squirted?
    1. lelitton's Avatar
      lelitton -
      Quote Originally Posted by buggsy2 View Post
      "Destroyed"?? Just rinse them off, let them dry and they're good to go. The other kids, forced to use them, will punish the perp in their own way and problem solved. Sheesh, why does everything in America get a complete over-reaction?
      Right you are, I dropped my MacBook Pro in a mud puddle and it was there until I missed it! Got it out of the puddle, removed the battery, rinsed it with distilled water, wrapped it in a dish cloth (dry) and put it into a large container of dry rice. Got it out in two days and fired right up...no problems.

    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      The school should call me to properly dispose of those units. I aint afraid of no piss! It washes off!
    1. MacDevil7334's Avatar
      MacDevil7334 -
      Quote Originally Posted by celeron View Post
      Lmao...not even a retarted kid would do such thing. My sister is 10 years old and sonetimes she outsmarts me lol.
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      He only wanted to water the Apples.
    1. wdpower's Avatar
      wdpower -
      What is a school doing with mac books? They should just have macs. How does one actually relieve himself enought to get $36,000 worth of mac books, even at 2G's a pop thats still eighteen. Is each "destruyed" cause is was slightly splashed? if they're not turned on would they even be "destroyed"? Some things don't add up here...
    1. sirbebe's Avatar
      sirbebe -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mrteacup View Post
      Haha the child didn't know what he was doing and any of you who think he did are dumb..haha
      If he knew what he was doing he would have just taken them
    1. JacquesChirac's Avatar
      JacquesChirac -
      "the MacBook computers were damaged beyond repair"- I call BS. They pushed that claim probably for legal and insurance reasons. Will there be urine on the laptops? Yes. Might there be some water damage? Yes. Is it beyond repair? Absolutely not. Urine isn't some sort of corrosive acid or gasoline and fire. It's really just smelly water... coming from an 11 year old. How much could an 11 year old possibly pee?
    1. DarkDragonAn's Avatar
      DarkDragonAn -
      Some body Daddy is going to be mad when they get a bill the for 36K.
    1. LivesForJihad's Avatar
      LivesForJihad -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      That being said, this kid was just plain dumb and I hope they lock him away for a very long time and possibly the parents as well, after all, they are responsible for educating their children about what is right and wrong.
      This is an 11 year old kid we are talking about! You don't lock a little kid away for that.

      Mod Edit: Please do not insult other users.
    1. DQEight's Avatar
      DQEight -
      What the hell is wrong with this kid... At 11 he should know better.*shakes head*
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      Give them a bath. Put an air compressor to the computers. Bake them dry. All should be well.
    1. rjrankin83's Avatar
      rjrankin83 -
      How much pee did this kid have? 36k with a school discount had to of been 20-30 macbooks (depending on Air/Pro/screen size)
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      Haha. Why couldn't he just stick to hittin toilet bowls like the rest of us.
    1. barondebxl's Avatar
      barondebxl -
      He should have crapped on it.
    1. thinknoffcenter's Avatar
      thinknoffcenter -
      this happened in my old neighborhood......(no trailer parks there by the way) the kid has a history of bi-polor disorder and his parents treated him like dirt......so before everybody goes crackin jokes get all the facts.....get the crap kicked out of you daily by a P.O.S. parent and see if you don't lash out.....my opinion.....serves the school right for spending 3 times more than necessary on some garbage @$$ computers.