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  • Samsung's Latest Anti-Apple Guerilla Marketing Campaign Tries to "Wake Up" iPhone Users

    Samsung’s guerrilla marketing team kept it classy today with their “Wake Up” countdown campaign for an unannounced “mystery” product.

    Australian media website Mumbrella believes the mystery product is the Samsung Galaxy S III, and that campaign is the work of a local company called Tongue. The guerilla campaign today involved a staged protest outside the Apple Store in Sydney Australia. The protest started with a giant black bus with the words “Wake Up” painted on the side. Fifty or so protesters stood outside with signs raised and chanted “Wake Up!” for a while as you can see in the video above.

    The “Wake Up” campaign has surfaced at other places around Sydney as well. The words “Wake Up” can be seen at the bottom of Bondi Iceberg's pool, as well as printed on a number of billboards around town. Apparently there was a site takeover on news.com.au during the Anzac day holiday as well.

    Also, the website wake-up-australia.com.au is counting down to the launch of said mystery product. The recent Samsung Galaxy S III trailer depicts the masses as sheeple buying Apple’s products. Sadly, their biggest competition in the smartphone market isn’t Apple, but other Android handset makers, but attacking Apple makes for more notable marketing campaign. Apple hasn’t resorted to direct attacks since their Mac vs PC campaign, which was cheeky and fun. Not annoying and disruptive.

    Samsung seems to be doing everything within their power to beat the Galaxy S III firmly into the public lexicon of well known devices. Why not just make awesome products that speak for themselves which consumers will gravitate toward? I can’t see Samsung winning many converts with the current campaign.

    Source: Mumbrella
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    1. albertonakad's Avatar
      albertonakad -
      Hey, Samsung! Grow up, Grow up, Grow up......
    1. myhargalan's Avatar
      myhargalan -
      i love iphones but ever since i switched to a galaxy nexus i just cant see myself leaving that gorgeous large screen for an iphone, at the end of the day its what your comfortable with and this is all competition. But tablet wise ipad rules xD
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Its really pathetic..you don't see Reebok going after Nike. You don't see Burger King going after McDonalds. Silly parlor tricks. Make quality hardware and let the people decide..DONE.
    1. Nerd's Avatar
      Nerd -
    1. Madman604x's Avatar
      Madman604x -
      I run a Galaxy Note now and pretty much left the iPhone to the wife. that said yeah, Samsungs ad campaigns are pretty crap.
    1. Ambi_Valence's Avatar
      Ambi_Valence -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nerd View Post
      Do the same barchart for profit and let's see how it looks please.
    1. hellman's Avatar
      hellman -
      After this ,Samsung said they never did this , but anyone else can do this?