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  • Cover Your iPhone in 8 Bits of Nostalgia

    Must. Have. This.

    All suckers for 8-bit anything need to purchase this bumper case for the iPhone 4, and 4S. The case, made by Big Big Pixel, comes in several colors including white, black, and pink for $25. The case is made from rubber silicon and has an anti friction coat applied to make sure you can slide your phone hassle free into your pocket.

    Obviously this isn’t the case for consumers looking for ultimate protection, but for someone (like me) who hates covering up the natural beauty of the iPhone 4/4S this case finally gives me a reason to cover my phone. Big Big Pixel provides users with the necessary wallpaper download to fulfil the blocky 8-bit smile in the product photos.

    Big Big Pixel also has an 8-bit sleeve series for the iPad, and MacBook Air. The iPad case retails for $30.95 and is made of “premium synthetic leather” with the usual soft fibre interior to protect your iPad. The MBA sleeves come in 11” and 13” models retailing for $33.95 and $37.95 respectively.

    Not the cheapest solutions around, but for those of you who grew up with 8-bit systems this little bit of nostalgia might be worth the price tag.

    Source: Big Big Pixels [via Gizmodo]
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    1. Cellular's Avatar
      Cellular -
      OMG must have one! You can't go wrong with 8 bit items

      Hopefully hipsters don't ruin it :/
    1. Agent929's Avatar
      Agent929 -
      That looks pretty cool
    1. bigliquid530's Avatar
      bigliquid530 -
      Bad Azz
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Cool for a 4 year old..haha! Talk about replacing sleek with rigid and OLD. Guess im not really into it
    1. romz_11's Avatar
      romz_11 -
      this is pretty mean!
    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Yeah I'm nostalgic for polio, the Vietnam war, and Nixon. Can we have covers with those themes?
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      Looks best when accompanied with my 8-Bit HD theme (shameless plug) ;-)