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  • [GIVEAWAY] Mas Design iPhone Back Plates

    Its been a while since Mas Design has came out with anything new - last time I did a review for them was when they released the titanium back plates for the iPhone 4. Since then, they've been working hard to bring out a few new and awesome products!

    The first of which is their new design - real carbon fiber back plates. Watch out iCarbons - the real deal Holyfield is here! You can pick up the back plates in multiple colors such as blue, charcoal grey, and black. These things really pop, and are super light and sturdy!

    The second new product from Mas Designs is some added style and color to their already popular titanium backs! With a bit of titanium oxidation, you will never see two exactly alike - and if being one of a kind isn't good enough, they have added some amazing decorative art work to the back as well.

    Beautifully packaged, you get a custom back plate, extra screws, front and back screen protectors, and a star-tipped screw driver with each purchase. You also get to choose from black or white bezel when you order, that way you really can match your phone. All products come in both 4 and 4S styles (there IS a difference with these).


    For the titanium back plates the cost is between $99 and $111, and for the carbon fiber back plates the cost is $81. Be sure to check them out at maselements.com

    We're rating these 4 leaves.

    Now for the giveaway. We'll be giving out 1 each of the black and gray carbons, and also both of the titanium back plates as well. All four are for the 4S. Leave a comment on the story (required) and use the widget below to get entries to the giveaway raffle! We'll pick winners Thursday.

    <iframe src="http://modmyi.com/giveaways/masdesign.php" height=580 width=420 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>
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    1. jwood152003's Avatar
      jwood152003 -
      Sweeeeeeet Cases.
    1. pyroguy57's Avatar
      pyroguy57 -
      I've been looking for a new back plate for my iPhone. This would be incredible to win!
    1. gabesir's Avatar
      gabesir -
      Nothing like the real deal digging the gray an black carbon , The back plates look awesome.
      Thank you Modmyi team!
    1. amiller80's Avatar
      amiller80 -
      I just can't settle on the right case. These are looking like a promising option. I hope I win.
    1. stang89lx50's Avatar
      stang89lx50 -
      Nice cases, I hope I win.
    1. Poohchan's Avatar
      Poohchan -
      The Budha looks so sweet hope i win this !!!!
    1. pnutx007's Avatar
      pnutx007 -
      Nice cases. I hope I win!!
    1. wlmngtn310's Avatar
      wlmngtn310 -
      Love CF!
    1. mervynokm's Avatar
      mervynokm -
      It looks super cool!
    1. jeffhesser's Avatar
      jeffhesser -
      wow, those are some super pricey backs... i know the ones at sw-box are not the highest quality but when i can order 5 for the same price, it's tough. i think i'm just too A.D.D. to commit that hard to one single back replacement. haha.
    1. Wengderful's Avatar
      Wengderful -
    1. iceburgdesigns's Avatar
      iceburgdesigns -
      Nice! would love a new backplate for my 4s. i still feel like the glass will scratch at some point....
    1. Crapo85's Avatar
      Crapo85 -
      Need to replace my broke one I have now!!
    1. myiphone3gs4055's Avatar
      myiphone3gs4055 -
      Really nice. I would love to win these sexy boyzzzz
    1. dboone21's Avatar
      dboone21 -
      Those are pretty neat.
    1. Aeroavenger's Avatar
      Aeroavenger -
      Looks sweet
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      It's for the 4S but will it fit the 4?
    1. jayteez's Avatar
      jayteez -
      Would love the titanium backplate..need it now!
    1. Cruzzer08's Avatar
      Cruzzer08 -
      I gotta have that black carbon plate!! I'm a road cyclist who is addicted to carbon fiber, my bike is carbon, my wedding ring is carbon, MY IPHONE 4 SHOULD BE CARBON!!!! Please give it to me!!!! Doh, just realized they are 4s backplates
    1. zkovacs's Avatar
      zkovacs -
      I like it!