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  • BiteSMS 5.1 : iOS 4.2.1 Compatible

    BiteSMS has been one of my favorite apps/tweaks that is available for a jailbroken iPhone. It's made texting more enjoyable and even adds a bit of flavor and customizing.

    Over the last few months, the folks at BiteSMS have been busy testing beta versions of BiteSMS and many of us have partaken in the legwork. BiteSMS 5.1 was released January 31st to the public and is fully iOS 4.2.1 compatible. Great timing to go along with our untethered jailbreaks. So if you missed the update in all the buzz over the new Greenpois0n, go check it out now

    BiteSMS is free, but to remove adds you can pay the $8.99.

    Source: biteSMS - Change Log

    Now fully iOS 4.2.1 compliant.
    Great new Privacy feature, allows you to easily hide any of your conversations for complete privacy and reveal them as required (or simply to blacklist them). See biteSMS, Settings, Hide Contact for details.
    Enhanced Quick List - We now show the full text message in the Quick List (unless it doesn't fit on the screen, in which case we show 3 lines per message).
    O Yeh….NICE! Quick Reply, change the size of the message text. See Settings, Quick Reply.
    You can now control the display order of messages in Quick List. See Settings, Quick List.
    Added an "All Timestamps" setting. You guessed it! If set, shows timestamps against every message.
    In biteSMS, Settings, Passcode Lock, added a new preference "Require Passcode" Immediately, After 1 minute, 3 minutes...etc.
    Improved the Quick Compose and Quick Reply typing speed and general performance.
    Any m4r files in the /Applications/biteSMS.app/sounds folder will now appear in the "biteSMS Ringtones" list. So you can use any of your own custom created ones!
    Added a FaceTime button in both Quick Compose and Quick Reply. This feature is ONLY for iOS 4.1 users and above.
    The LockInfo app "Favorites Text Message" feature now opens biteSMS.
    Added a swivel animation for the conversation contact pic when pressed.
    Added a "Reset All" option in biteSMS, Settings, About screen. Removes all preferences, license and credit information.
    Added a "Clear Failed Indicator" option in biteSMS, Settings, About screen.
    Added the ability to delete all credits for a number (right swipe) on Settings, Credits / License / Ads page (e.g. if selling phone).
    Added a warning in the Quick Reply settings page if the SBSettings toggle has been turned off (usually accidentally).
    Fixed all known issues.
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    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Is there any way to use this with Google Voice? I don't pay for text on my native number and only share my GV number.
    1. jasvncnt10's Avatar
      jasvncnt10 -
      Still no MMS support from QR?
    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      Hopefully the bugs were worked out, it kept crashing my iPhone on FW 4.1, had to uninstall! Gonna try it again and see what happens.
    1. zYxMa's Avatar
      zYxMa -
      Quote Originally Posted by jasvncnt10 View Post
      Still no MMS support from QR?
      I prefer iRealSMS 3.0
    1. SViens85's Avatar
      SViens85 -
      Awesome i'll give this a try on my device running 4.2.1 out of the box!
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      I love bite. Been using it forever. Works great on 4.2.1. Still wish they would support mms tho
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      If you have a jailbroken iPhone and don't have biteSMS (full version or otherwise), you're certifiably insane. Such a quality product. They fix even the tiniest issues.

      Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
      Is there any way to use this with Google Voice? I don't pay for text on my native number and only share my GV number.
      There is a tweak in Cydia called SMS GV Extension which completely integrates Google Voice into your phone as if it is native SMS.
    1. jasvncnt10's Avatar
      jasvncnt10 -
      Quote Originally Posted by zYxMa View Post
      I prefer iRealSMS 3.0
      That's what I have been using. Was just curious if they added the support in Bite yet. Was gonna just try it out.
    1. Fenderbender's Avatar
      Fenderbender -
      $8.99? Yeah, I think I'd pay $2 tops.
    1. mr117's Avatar
      mr117 -
      I've been using this for more than a year. Had the 5 beta on my 4.01 i4 and it worked perfectly. Just updated/green'd and now it works perfectly on 4.2.1 on my i4. Just a great app, and worth the $
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Quote Originally Posted by zYxMa View Post
      I prefer iRealSMS 3.0
      A pertinent post in a biteSMS thread.
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Excellent! This is one app I can't live w/out!
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Hmmm haven't ever used it, looks pretty cool though.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      The fact that there are two amazing alternative SMS apps keeps competition alive... keeps the devs improving on their product..it's a win for everyone. As for the cost bite has a free ad supported option I thought. I for one send/receive 5000+ messages a month on average so if there is any app I would gladly pay a lot for it's Bite or iReal.
    1. goodred2's Avatar
      goodred2 -
      Is this still not functioning properly for group messaging?
    1. lazybearkhoa's Avatar
      lazybearkhoa -
      Wait BiteSMS doesn't do MMS? I'm confused because I've been using it and been sending pictures...
    1. Shanks12's Avatar
      Shanks12 -
      I've been using BiteSMS for a long time now.. Free version. Always wanted to pay to upgrade but whenever I use QuickReply and turn it in landscape it seems like it is real slow, or doesn't recognize the keys that I press. It takes me like 4 tries to use the space bar. That is the only thing holding me back.. Unless in the full version it doesn't do that.

      Is anyone else having this problem... Free or Paid version?
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      It does not support MMS on the "Quick Reply" box.
    1. Shanks12's Avatar
      Shanks12 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lazybearkhoa View Post
      Wait BiteSMS doesn't do MMS? I'm confused because I've been using it and been sending pictures...
      I think they mean MMS in the QuickReply, not when opening up the app
    1. Xrevofmanx's Avatar
      Xrevofmanx -
      Personally, Bite is worth the $9. The developer responds immediately to issues, updates are always robust & added often or when necessary. Seems like they are always working on improving an already great app. In fact, Bite is probably one of my 3 top reasons I even JB. Give the free version a try & if you like it, throw the dev some couch money & buy it.