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  • Major WinterBoard Update Brings Speed and Many Bug Fixes

    If you’re one of the many that have avoided installing WinterBoard on your iOS device because of the glitchy icon labels and the dropped frame lag while paging on your home screen, then you may want to take a look at the newly updated WinterBoard (version 0.9.3905) today. You might and should be very impressed with it!

    The update makes paging on the home screen absolutely fluid as it was meant to be – a problem normally only fixed by installing a paid jailbreak tweak dubbed Barrel, a $2.99 cost, since Barrel hooks into the paging process that was slowed down by WinterBoard and overtook the process its own way. The paging lag was by far one of the worst problems with the last version of WinterBoard. As today's update came out to fix the problem, paging is now absolutely the same as it would be if WinterBoard had never been installed.

    The update to WinterBoard also fixes an issue with the shadowing on the icon labels, making them appear exactly how iOS should render them whether you have WinterBoard installed or not. Both the icon label and paging lag fixes will only be effective if you have SummerBoard mode set to off, which it will be by default when you install the new version. The complete list of fixes is outlined below:
    • 5.x: Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag (only with “SummerBoard Mode” off)
    • Default SummerBoard Mode to Off
    • 4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha
    • 4+5: WinterBoard.app Respring Fix
    • 5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring
    • 4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch
    • 2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes
    • Corrected Order of UISound Stack
    • Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme

    If you have never had themes installed on your iOS device because you were horrified by WinterBoard’s side-effects, then you should certainly give the new version a try if you have always wanted to theme your iOS device. We’ve tested it ourselves and speed has been greatly improved. WinterBoard is free in Cydia, as it always has been, and you will need to reboot your iOS device after you install it.

    Sources: Saurik
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    1. dark2naruto's Avatar
      dark2naruto -
      You're using a theme... Check the info.plist in his folder, they're might be set to "transparent"

      Exemple :

      Color: transparent

      If yes, just delete the lines
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Quote Originally Posted by trojanbeatz View Post
      I have the missing status bar clock, PLUS all the dock labels are missing

      Any fixes from anyone please?

      SSH into the theme folder and go into the Info.plist. Then delete the TimeStyle and DockIconLabelStyle
    1. MUFC55's Avatar
      MUFC55 -
      Hi! Is anyone having problems with carrier name disappearing after winterboard update & any fix for it? Thanks