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  • Apple Online Store Testing Screen Sharing feature with Product Page Guided Tours

    For those of you who tried purchasing any Apple products off of the official website last night, you may have noticed that the Apple Store went down with an updated “We’ll be back soon” logo. It appears that the Cupertino California company seems to be testing a new virtual product tour as part of its sales chat feature. The company seems to have given consumers the ability to chat with sales employees through certain product pages via an “Ask Now” button. The concept being that the employee would be able to walk the consumer through any questions they might have and possibly land the sale.

    The feature seems to have a slightly refreshed look and according to what is seen on the Brazilian store, Apple employees are even being given the option to share their screen to give a guided tour of the product page. The process seems pretty straight forward with the employee initiating the screen share and the user confirming before proceeding further. A report over at MacMagazine shows the image above, which seems to show the feature in action.

    Aside from the screen sharing while chatting, support staff may even go as far as requesting to talk on the phone during the guided tour. All in all, it seems that Apple is taking another step towards enhancing the consumer experience for potential customers. It seems to be a win/win situation with both the customer having the option to learn more about a product before making the plunge to go with it and Apple will have a better chance of informing and possibly selling their products (not that the products really need selling – sales figures practically make it seem that Apple products sell themselves).

    Source: 9to5Mac, MacMagazine
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      Cool beans
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      Knowing Apple, this will probably be the future of Apple's retail stores... Do away with the actual stores (like they did the optical drives in the Mac Airs). lol
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      That's sweet, hopefully I don't get a black guy...
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      I'm pretty sure we know where apple is located...
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      Quote Originally Posted by *T* View Post
      I'm pretty sure we know where apple is located...
      My thoughts exactly!