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  • [GIVEAWAY] Vaja Libretto iPad Case

    Vaja... the crown jewel of leather surrounding your iDevice. The top ten percent of Argentinian leather (full grain cowhide) is the only leather the guys at Vaja use. We had a couple of their Libretto cases to check out on our review table, and have been using it the past couple weeks.

    Each case Vaja makes is hand crafted in their factories (ship times can be upwards of 45 days, although the Librettos are currently in stock). These are definitely luxury cases - yes, they protect your device well, and are precision crafted to fit your device perfectly, but the dollars equal visual glory here.

    Your iPad fits lightly yet snugly into it's case, held by the case's lipped edges. I was worried at first it may not hold the iPad well since it seemed to hold it so lightly, but a few weeks of use has shown it's pretty good engineering - it held like a champ. The leather itself is top of the line - textured on the outside, printed with VAJA on the inside... this is a case easily recognizable as costing as much as it does.

    The back of the case has a small notched piece with a metal clasp featuring the Vaja logo, which the front flap folds into and is held so the case can sit at an angle for movie viewing on your iPad. The top left corner of the back is open, allowing for easy access to the buttons, as well as use of the camera. The bottom also has a cutout for the speaker as well as the dock connector.

    Our only kitsch with the device is the front flap. While it has appropriate magnets to operate the latest two iPad models' smart screen off features, we found it didn't quite completely close over the iPad cover, so occasionally it wouldn't turn off the screen, or even would turn ON the screen after it was already off. I'd thought perhaps the leather just needed to breathe a bit and stretch, so waited a couple weeks to post - but I still notice this glitch. Again, it's minor, but does get annoying with a $190 case.

    At $190, these cases are at the top of the case food chain. You can purchase them at Vaja's site, but of course we've also got one to give away, care of the folks at Vaja. It's in Vaja's brilliant blue, and is for an iPad 2 only.

    Use the widget below to get entries to the raffle (first leave a comment here with your thoughts) and we'll pick a winner Wednesday!

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    1. camstryker's Avatar
      camstryker -
      Looks great, especially for the price!
    1. waroftyr's Avatar
      waroftyr -
      Pretty nice, gotta say I like the blue better though
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      like the shape nice and pro
    1. ChrisRC1985's Avatar
      ChrisRC1985 -
      Lovely. Keeping my fingers crossed
    1. boredlikekrazy's Avatar
      boredlikekrazy -
      I would love this!
    1. daraand's Avatar
      daraand -
      Wow, I love it, and in blue!
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      Sexy case. Love to have it.
    1. seandiego's Avatar
      seandiego -
      I've always loved Vaja cases. A bit pricey but beautiful.
    1. korbyn8495's Avatar
      korbyn8495 -
      Looks like its got a nice feel to it, but I'm not sure I like the fact that it covers the whole thing.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      Hand crafted in factories!
    1. bthomp2000's Avatar
      bthomp2000 -
      Sweet and luxurious case!

      This is such a sweet case!
    1. iMaNi_aC's Avatar
      iMaNi_aC -
      the most beautifull case i saw. Really great for my iPad
    1. rioswag's Avatar
      rioswag -
      Beautiful case
    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      Gorgeous case and I love that it has two landscape positions. I think my iPad 2 deserves nothing but the best... full grain cow-hide leather from Vaja!
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Looks great
    1. bhennrich's Avatar
      bhennrich -
      I like it.
    1. zabga's Avatar
      zabga -
      i just love the blue one
    1. charlyc's Avatar
      charlyc -
      look nice
    1. dsinai's Avatar
      dsinai -
      Nice case. Would love it for my new Ipad.
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      In case you do not have time to pick a winner, may I recommend myself? Good grammar and a subtle pun, what more could one ask for?