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  • [Review] Curiosa - iOS Notifications When Cydia Updates Are Available

    Many of you have been anticipating a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to see when Cydia updates become available – made obvious when AppUpdateNotifier was released – allowing you to get iOS 5 notifications when an App Store update was available. A new free jailbreak tweak beta dubbed Curiosa by iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich is now available in his beta repository and it brings iOS 5 push notifications to your iOS device that alert you of Cydia updates.

    The notifications are seamlessly integrated with iOS 5’s notification system, including banner alerts, Notification Center, and lock screen alerts. Curiosa comes with a good, broad selection of options to help you decide when your iOS device should be looking for Cydia updates and also much more. The preferences pane for Curiosa is shown below:

    The automatic refresh can be adjusted manually, giving you optimal control over how much battery drain you will experience. The ability to control how often Curiosa will search for updates from Cydia and being able to lock Curiosa down to being on Wi-Fi networks only to save on data usage are two of these safety measures Ryan has included to make every end-user happy.

    Apart from automatic refresh, the user can also opt to refresh manually – this can be done by tapping on the Refresh Now button or by setting an Activator action you can invoke later on to manually refresh Curiosa. The last option allows you to choose what packages are included in your update notification. As I have included the words, "New Update Available" Curiosa will look for new packages with the words, "New," "Update," and "Available" in their names. This is in addition to what is installed on your iOS device as Curiosa is constantly looking for updates for your own packages as well. In the first screenshot of this review you can see how packages with those three words in their name are appearing under my notifications.

    The well-built Curiosa is currently in its beta 1 stages, however it’s already looking very solid. All of the options work perfectly as far as I have been able to test and its integration into iOS 5’s notifications is stunning. Drain on battery life is not noticeable if you keep the search intervals to a reasonable time interval. The use of this tweak is very practical and I would highly recommend Curiosa for all jailbreakers as it will let you know when your updates are available – we all know that many people slack when it comes to installing their updates.

    Curiosa isn't on a public repository, yet; it’s only available on Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. To download it, you will need to go into Cydia:
    1. tap on the Manage tab
    2. tap on the Sources button
    3. tap on the Edit button
    4. tap on the Add button
    5. enter the following URL and then tap Add Source:
      PHP Code:

    Name: Curiosa
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.9-beta1
    Repo: Ryan Petrich's Beta Repo
    Developer: Ryan Petrich
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Developer: Ryan Petrich
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      Thanks! Gotta be careful on 5.1 lol
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      Lol yea, ni problem
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      cant find it on petri repo :-/
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      Am I the only one who doesn't get badges whenever there's an update available? :/