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  • The Best iOS Stuff Ever – The Opinion of Our Staff

    We at ModMyi have taken a moment to reflect upon what our favorite things we use on our iOS devices each day are and we have compiled a piece showing you all what they are – this includes the App Store as well as Cydia. As we know, the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are all very versatile devices. The endless possibility of things these devices can do makes it very hard to pinpoint what we like to use them for the most. Here’s our best shot at trying to decide!


    2k1 is a ModMyi moderator, having been sworn in just last October. 2k1 loves his iPhone 4 the most, but couldn't get the iPhone 4S because of his contract restrictions. When we questioned him about his favorite iOS applications, he told us this:

    • ModMyi – It's the ModMyi application. What's not to like about it? It keeps him connected to this corner of the internet on the go.
    • Angry Birds Space – A little birdy told him that Angry Birds Space is out of this world. He uses it to pass time at work when nothing's going on here at ModMyi. There's nothing like wasting time at work and feeling like you were only there for a couple of minutes when going home.
    • Sparrow – Because the stock iOS mail application just doesn't look impressive. Sparrow looks cool and 2k1 is just waiting for those push notifications to come along eventually or else he will jailbreak to get them!

    2k1's Cydia tastes range all across the board, but it's obvious he likes customization:

    • Barrel – iOS icons need freedom. They're people too; they should be able to move around and be lively!
    • Springtomize 2 – It has so much stuff in it for making iOS cool. So much stuff it's hard to scrape the surface. Just so much stuff.
    • DreamBoard – This theming platform is faster and more lively than WinterBoard. 2k1 enjoys the simplicity – who doesn't enjoy simplicity?

    Akshay Masand

    Akshay Masand is a staff writer for ModMyi, starting in September of last year covering all sorts of Apple-related news. He uses his iPhone 4 the most out of all his iOS devices and his iPad 2 collects dust. We asked him what applications he used the most and we got a simple response:

    • Chase Mobile (SM) – Akshay handles a lot of money, so it's important to be able to manage it on the go. Good thing for the Chase app!
    • Twitter – It helps Akshay stay up to date with other people. Twitter allows him to Tweet with other Tweeters, in turn making a large tumult. Somehow, he still manages to get the information he needs regardless of the commotion.
    • ESPN ScoreCenter – Sports scores are important. Akshay uses this application to help check up on NBA scores because they're a big part of his life.

    When we asked for Akshay's sweet spot in Cydia, it includes the following:

    • Mail Enhancer Pro – Being the busy e-mail guy he is, Akshay appreciates having more features than Apple was willing to give to him. We couldn't agree more with his logic!
    • CallBar – No one likes having what you are doing rudely interrupted by a phone call. CallBar makes the phone call appear like an iOS 5 banner instead of filling the whole screen, making it easier to do what's really important.
    • Activator – Being able to perform actions from anywhere in iOS is wonderful. Wouldn't you agree Akshay? Oh... wait.

    Anthony Bouchard

    Anthony Bouchard is a staff writer for ModMyi, starting in September of last year like Akshay, covering all sorts of Apple-related news and jailbreak tweaks. His favorite iOS device is his iPhone 4 because it goes everywhere he goes and does more than his iPod touch is capable of. His favorite App Store applications include:

    • Spotify – An absolute must-have for music junkies. Allowing him to stream music on demand, he doesn't have to worry about music using space on his iPhone. It's spectacular!
    • Shazam – Because he is constantly around music and hearing new things that interest him, this handy application allows him to snag whatever he hears and start streaming it right on Spotify. It's like the perfect duo of applications!
    • Screens – Quite possibly the best VNC client for iOS. It has a beautiful interface and allows Anthony to use his computer while it's nowhere near him. It's quite handy.

    Additionally, here are his Cydia favorites:

    • TetherMe – Sometimes you need Wi-Fi. Sometimes it's not there for you. TetherMe gives Anthony all he needs to use his MacBook Pro anywhere he is. It's really convenient having a mobile wireless router in his pocket!
    • Zephyr – Never really enjoying the use of the home button to multitask in the first place, Anthony finds the touch gesture method to be much better in terms of usability and entertainment value.
    • Deck – Because there are times when Anthony needs quick access to toggles and system shortcuts, Deck is there to help get the job done. It includes a beautiful interface which he feels is nicer than SBSettings. Nice interface and great functionality? Deck is definitely a winner!


    blkcadi is a ModMyi moderator, being in her position for three long years and making many friends here in the making. She uses her iPhone 4S the most, however she has a hard time deciding which Apple device she loves the most because they're all just so awesome and useful. In the event we asked about her favorite applications, she said she doesn't play many games and uses a lot of reference and business applications – nothing specific. She makes up for little App Store interest with a bright selection of Cydia stuff:

    • Springtomize 2 – Because making things look cool, is cool. Springtomize just lets you do everything, and doing everything is cool too.
    • Barrel – Hmm, this one is popular!
    • biteSMS – The iOS Messages application isn't cool enough. biteSMS lets you respond faster and have more in-applicaton features. It almost seems lame using the Messages application nowadays.
    • Gridlock – She wants her application icons here; not there. Gridlock lets her put them wherever she wants them. Who wouldn't want that?
    • Inspell – Typos are common, but Inspell zaps them on the spot. Yep, another necessity!
    • SBSettings – Because Apple is so good at hiding things that they took their principles into the Settings application, making stuff hard to find. SBSettings makes things easier and puts toggles where they should be – at the user's control!
    • WinterBoard – It's just a classic. Classics are classy and so is being able to theme your iDevice!


    Cer0 is a ModMyi moderator, being a part of the team for a good three years. His favorite iOS device was the iPhone 4, however it broke and he got an iPhone 4S as a replacement – his wife always uses the iPad. We asked him what his favorite App Store applications were and this is what he told us:

    • Tiny Tower – Because everyone needs to have at least one time-killer game on their iPhone. Cer0 likes it because it gives him something to do every once in a while.
    • GameFly – Cer0 likes video games, so GameFly lets him stay up to date on gaming news and reviews and being up to date on news is good!
    • Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide – Cer0 loves the night time sky. Star Walk gives him the whole sky on his iPhone, which is a great way to explore without the exploring.

    • RingerX VIP – Cer0 is nocternal, so this tweak lets Cer0 filter out important calls from the non-important ones and help him sleep throughout the day. It's always great to be able to pick up the phone just for important people while letting the less important calls get the answering machine for later.
    • Open Notifier – This puts notification icons in the status bar and Cer0 likes that. It helps remind you of notifications even when you're not on the home screen seeing all the badges!
    • CleanStatus – Sometimes the status bar gets cluttered. Due to the fact Cer0 likes using Open Notifier for status bar notifications, CleanStatus lets him keep what's not important to him out of the status bar. It's really tidy now!

    Cody Overcash

    Cody Overcash is one of the beloved founders of this great place we call ModMyi; he has been around since the beginning. Cody’s favorite device is the iPhone 4S because it’s the only phone he can keep going back to – can you blame him? The day Cody was asked what applications he liked best, many words were shared:

    • Shazam – Because it's important to be able to pick up on tunes wherever or whenever they might be playing. Nothing is worse than missing out on something that sounds good when you can't place the name of it.
    • Harry's LapTimer Pro – Because race car. This application makes an intuitive lap-timer/data-logger/video recorder thingamajig. Shiny!
    • Flashlight.☀ – The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have an LED light on the end used for flash photography, but what foolish rocket scientist came up with the idea to use it as a flashlight? Cody thinks of this application as the most used application in the App Store.

    Cody has a taste for expensive Cydia applications, his favorites include:

    • IntelliID – Cody is a busy guy. Not all calls are important to him, but when they are, IntelliID helps him know who is calling.
    • MyWi – Carrying a laptop with him most of the time, finding Wi-Fi to leech from is sometimes not an easy task. Good thing for Cody, he has high-speed HSPA+ on his iPhone 4S. Now what? Tethering of course!
    • IntelliScreenX – Notification Center is awesome, but IntelliScreenX is better. Everything is easy to get to and it's even nicer when it's on the lock screen.


    Cowboy is a ModMyi moderator, serving the community for over two whole years! His favorite iOS device is the iPhone 4S hands down. When asked what applications he liked best, he said:

    • Tweetbot – It has a robot-like interface and robots are awesome! Cowboy enjoys the gestures that are seamlessly integrated into Tweetbot, giving it a finished interface with great intuitive controls.
    • Score Center – It is great for helping Cowboy keep track of his Oklahoma City Thunder game scores, because he can't live without his NBA information!
    • Tetris – Because... need he say more? It's Tetris and Tetris kills time!

    Cowboy's favorite Cydia creations are a mix between jailbreak tweaks and applications, however they're all far from lame. He answered:

    • KillBackground – Because laziness prevails, and being lazy means finding easier ways to do things. KillBackground lets Cowboy close all of his backgrounded applications in one tap instead of having to clear each one individually. Nifty!
    • Barrel – Any iOS customizer's dream would be to have Barrel installed because iOS's home screen paging is boring. Barrel adds some oomph!
    • WinterBoard – Cowboy is a customization fanatic. Not only does he like making his applications twirl in circles when he pages in the home screen, but he likes making his home screen look like something right out of the future. Cowboy already customizes the outside of his iPhone with colored glass panels – what's left? iOS themes!


    i.Annie is a ModMyi moderator, as she has been for almost two years. She loves her iPhone, however she loves her mom's iPad 2 even more and she can't wait to get the new iPad. We figured we'd ask her what applications she liked to use on her iPhone and we learned she likes using the following:

    • Angry Birds Space – She likes the challenge of the new space physics included in Angry Birds space because they're very different than the boring Earth physics we are used to in other Angry Birds games!
    • Amazon Mobile – What can she say? She has a weak spot for buying stuff. Amazon is just a great place to do that and she can even track her orders from the application itself. All of this without ever having to sign in again!
    • Manilla - Bills & Reminders – With all that online shopping she does, it's amazing she still has the money for bills! Manilla helps her keep track of those bills by giving her notifications when they are due and helps her pay them.

    We also wanted to know what kinds of Cydia stuff interested her, so we asked:

    • CallBar – Because no one likes being interrupted in the middle of doing things and CallBar takes a design tip from iOS 5's unobtrusive notification banners. Now she can play Angry Birds Space without having the game paused on her at a crucial moment!
    • WidgetTask – Apple makes us use the home button too much. It's like they never designed the home button to be used as much as they make us use it; this almost makes no sense. WidgetTask helps her not use the button as much and multitask from Notification Center instead. No more unnecessary home button mashing!
    • TetherMe – Having Wi-Fi everywhere is great, even when you're not supposed to. Carriers like making you pay for tethering, but we pay for the data we have already and tethering should be a part of that!

    Kyle Matthews

    Kyle Matthews is another one of the beloved founders of this great place we call ModMyi; like Cody, he too has been around since the very beginning. Kyle's favorite iOS device would be his iPhone 4S because he uses it for everything – from communicating to even as a wallet with his nifty Case Mate ID Case. He also owns the new iPad, but only uses it as a mobile alternative to a laptop and for quick entertainment. We wanted to know what kinds of applications he liked to use on his iPhone; when we asked him, he had an answer:

    • TweetBot – Everyone just loves TweetBot around here! Kyle likes it because it's the best Twitter client he has been able to find, which we can't really argue with. He can't wait for a Mac version!
    • Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) – Kyle uses this to grab his desktop screen on his mobile devices on the go. We can all agree it's more convenient to haul an iPhone with us rather than our whole desktop, so why not use the iPhone to control the desktop on the go? Genius!
    • Instagram – This nifty social networking application allows Kyle to keep up with his friends without having to use Facebook, which has become cluttered with games and annoyances. He hates to be annoyed!

    We also took a look at what he likes form Cydia:

    • Mail Enhancer Pro – Helping Kyle to highlight messages from important people and having the ability to scope out unread messages, this tweak makes the e-mail experience great for him. Everyone loves a great experience!
    • MyWi – Who doesn't like being able to hop on the internet on any device from anywhere?
    • Move2Unlock – Being able to unlock the iPhone by literally moving the lock screen out of your way is an awesome way to get onto your home screen!
    • Infinifolders – Being able to add more than twelve icons to a folder is very helpful for Kyle, who puts applications in folders to help stay organized. It really is a great tweak!
    • SBSettings – It helps Kyle reach important system toggles with a simple swipe. What's not to like about it?
    • Zephyr – Being able to multitask without pressing the home button is very useful. The touch screen was made to be touched, who wants to use buttons?
    • CyDelete – Very helpful for deleting those applications on your home screen when Cydia puts them there without the need of opening Cydia to remove them. It's a time-saver!

    Michael Essany

    Michael Essany is a staff writer for ModMyi, starting way back in August of 2009. His favorite daily iOS device is his iPhone 4S. We asked him what his favorite App Store applications were and this is what he told us:

    • My Fitness Pal – Last year, in response to some sudden onset health issues, Michael was forced to confront the excess pounds he had put on since college. His wife, who is a fitness nut and marathon runner, suggested this app, which he credits for helping him lose almost thirty pounds. Go Michael!
    • Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal – This is an app - like Square - that many entrepreneurs and small business owners are familiar with. If not, they should be! The iOS app and its free credit card reader let users accept credit card payments on their iOS device of choice. Michael been able to cut back on a lot of lost revenue opportunities through this platform!
    • Sleep Sounds – Michael spends a lot of time on the road and away from his bed at night. As a bad sleeper in total silence, he needs a consistent familiar sound, which is why he loves Sleep Sounds. For Michael, these sounds are lifesavers some nights when it comes to falling asleep!

    Unfortunately, Michael has not jailbroken his iPhone 4S and doesn't have any Cydia favorites!


    Orby is a ModMyi moderator, being so for about a year. Orby's favorite device is the new iPad because its crisp retina display makes it wonderful to read his books and view his photographs. After a quick interview with Orby, we learned about his favorite applications:

    • TweetBot – Because apparently, the Twitter application is a disgrace. TweetBot helps fill the void in Orby's heart that the Twitter application just couldn't do!
    • Consume – Since Orby has capped internet, this application helps him from bursting the cap and paying overages.
    • Steps. – It always helps to have a little assistant for managing your day, especially when there are lots of inane tasks!

    Orby's favorites from Cydia are all jailbreak tweaks:

    • Deck – It is just the most wonderful toggle and system shortcut pane we've seen to date. We can't really disagree with him there.
    • Signal – For endless minutes of entertainment on the go, Orby can watch as every cellular tower he ever passes is mapped out on a Google Map and forever tracks where he has been.
    • Zephyr – It makes sense. No one likes using buttons anymore. Zephyr lets Orby multitask without pressing anything. Genius!

    Phillip Swanson

    Phillip Swanson is a staff writer for ModMyi, starting in May of last year covering all sorts of Apple-related news. His iOS device of choice would be his iPhone 4, although he has an iPad as well. We took a moment to ask what kinds of applications he appreciates on his iPhone and he said:

    • Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod – Being able to control your computer without actually being anywhere near it is very convenient. It's like downloading a software version of your computer and bringing it with you on your phone. This helps Phillip to get access to his video-editing applications on the go. Awesome!
    • Pocket Light Meter – Spending a ton of money for a real light meter is child's play. This free application helps Phillip get accurate readings like a professional!
    • TuneIn Radio – Phillip enjoys his talk radio, so TuneIn Radio gives him the radio access he needs!

    Apart from his App Store favorites, we also asked about his Cydia favorites:

    • SBSettings – Allowing easy access to most system toggles, SBSettings helps Phillip to perform functions much easier and faster. Who doesn't think that's a good idea?
    • IntelliScreenX – This just makes Notification Center more dressed, giving Phillip Twitter and RSS feed access right from Notification Center. It doesn't hurt that it's available on the lock screen either!
    • Activator – It's a freedom many jailbreakers can't live without because its offers shortcuts Apple won't give you. It also helps Phillip to get to applications quicker!


    Simon is a ModMyi moderator – since December 2010. His favorite iOS device out of all is his iPhone 4S. We asked him what applications he enjoyed using on it and this is what he told us:

    • TV Show tracker – This application is handy for helping Simon find out when his favorite shows are on TV. Everyone hates missing their shows and with this application, Simon never has to worry about that. A nice user interface never hurts either!
    • iTeleport: VNC – Simon finds himself needing to have access to his computers while he is on the go. iTeleport gives him a dead-simple setup and he's good to go with a simple sign-in. Simple is great!
    • TweetBot – This is simply the best Twitter client Simon has been able to find. It doesn't lose its place when updating feeds and it loads up very quickly. Speed is the key!

    We also wanted to see what Cydia stuff he liked; so we asked, and he told us:

    • SBSettings – This is the reason Simon jailbreaks. It helps him have access to important toggles, it's themable, and it integrates right into his Notification Center.
    • 3G Unrestrictor 5 – Another one of Simon's essential tweaks because it allows him to see uncompressed video and use any of his applications they way he wants to use them no matter where he is. That's convenient!
    • Barrel – Because it looks cool when the icons move around in different ways and it's a great way to show off your iPhone. Showing off always makes you feel good!


    thetoothfairy is a ModMyi moderator of about five whole years. She loves both her iPhone 4S and new iPad so much that she couldn't pick which one she liked the best. We queried her about her favorite applications to use and this is what she said:

    • ModMyi – It's important having ModMyi access, even on the go. The mobile ModMyi application helps her stay connected!
    • Facebook – Staying connected with friends is a must. Facebook helps thetoothfairy do just that from anywhere.
    • Fairway Solitaire - Big Fish Games – Because everyone needs some down time, this game provides some entertainment when she's feeling bored and all in all, the game is fun!

    thetoothfairy has never jailbroken one of her iOS devices, so she doesn't have any Cydia favorites.
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    1. Bo Troxell's Avatar
      Bo Troxell -
      Quote Originally Posted by snowfree52 View Post

      how can blkcadi have Inspell installed on her iphone 4S ?

      In Cydia it says it is not compatible with Ios 5

      Correct, but it is an app I surely hope will be updated soon. Have been using it on all my phones since it was released. Still a fav.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      This was a very useful post (despite what some idiots may think).

      I found and bought WidgetTask just now - it seems to work very well! Not sure if it's worth a $1, but it's certainly useful.

      This is exactly the kind of article we need about once a month or so - lots of awesome tweaks come and go and it's hard to find them in all the repo garbage.
    1. H4CK3R's Avatar
      H4CK3R -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
      This was a very useful post (despite what some idiots may think).

      I found and bought WidgetTask just now - it seems to work very well! Not sure if it's worth a $1, but it's certainly useful.

      This is exactly the kind of article we need about once a month or so - lots of awesome tweaks come and go and it's hard to find them in all the repo garbage.
    1. law0501's Avatar
      law0501 -
      Can anyone tell me the name of the theme shown in 2k1's Barrel screenshot?
      And what's the tweak to get that 3D looking dock?

    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Elite pro hd is the theme and springtomize 5.0 for the icons
    1. cyb3rduck's Avatar
      cyb3rduck -
      Awesome thread! I'm going to be buying a few more apps I think lol, I already have over 300 installed on my iPhone since jailbreaking it only 3 weeks ago hehe ^_^

      My favourites so far are PerPage HTML for the HTC Weather view, MyWi, Barrel, DisplayCandy, Multifl0w, SBSettings, and iFile (love the webserver - use this instead of a USB stick lol).
    1. jwil736's Avatar
      jwil736 -
      Quote Originally Posted by smoelge View Post
      I remember the times when reading mmi was actually worthwhile. Now you have to go through a pile of garbage like this to find actual news.
      Then maybe you should start writing your own articles. mod edit/comment removed

      Quote Originally Posted by Kaisei View Post
      No offense, but putting ModMyI app in the list feels like a shameless plug. Also, the ModMyI app keeps crashing on start up. After I restored my iPhone 4, I have yet to get the ModMyI app to work despite uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling and rebooting again.

      Do not get me wrong, I enjoy the ModMyI app (when it actually did work without crashing), but there really has not been enough support to get all of the bugs out. You can really tell on the ratings that the app gets in the app store.
      I use ModMyi app 5+ times a day and would put top on my list, im a mmi addict. Wish they would fix a couple things like iPhone 5/ios 6 update (hopefully soon) and (as I'm writing now) have to pull screen up to see what your typing in longer post it gets quite annoying.
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      xthebigsterx -
      very good recomendations, i took some
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      scorpluto -
      I am complete novice with regard to iPhone applications. And it is with regular updates and tweaks list of Modmyi, that i came to have some knowledge with regard to all these. Thumbs up to the Modmyi Staff for the great work.