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  • Crazy Report Heralds The End of iPhone/iPad Home Button

    The old adage "You can never go home again" may soon apply to the iPhone and iPad - at least in terms of the device's home button.

    As widely picked up across the blogosphere Thursday, there's a new report suggesting that Apple may remove the home button on the aforementioned products in time for next-generation releases later this year. In its place would simply be more sophisticated multitouch gestures that would enable users to quickly return to the home screen.

    Like our friends at Apple Insider, we have the same reaction to this report, which comes to us via BGR. According to sources in-the-know, the Boy Genius Report says Apple is now testing iPads and iPhones sans the home button. Yet even the author of the BRG report is forced to admit the scenario seems pretty "wild."

    We are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPadís design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher.
    Still, according to author Jonathan S. Geller, "It's possible we will see this new change materialize with the next-generation iPad and iPhone devices set to launch this year." The BRG report points to Wednesday's arrival of advanced new multitouch gestures through the beta version of iOS 4.3 to corroborate claims that the home button will be yanked from next-gen iPhones and iPads.

    The iPhone 5 is expected to debut in summer 2011, while many industry analysts anticipate a spring launch for the 2nd-generation iPad.

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    1. Volerikan's Avatar
      Volerikan -
      What happens to the multitouch apps that require pinching will all your fingers?

      I'm also imagining one of those instances where I accidentally put my whole palm on the screen then it goes to the home screen messing me up. Hopefully there will be an option of the home button anyway. Maybe like a slide gesture in the bezel.
    1. ODB25's Avatar
      ODB25 -
      This sounds like there will be a redesign or at least some tweak to the front part of the phone altogether, I'm excited.
    1. alirz's Avatar
      alirz -
      Hmmm no button > no dfu mode ?> hard to jailbreak ?
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      what about amputees? What if I only have 4 fingers? Or 3?
    1. Tfost's Avatar
      Tfost -
      This is taking a step backwards! Removing a simple button and forcing you to get all your fingers scrunched together on the screen. Maybe on the iPad but the iPhone is way too small. Especially if you happen to have fatty fingers. Sorry fat people. iPhones are off limits to you. I do always hate my home button though. Everyone elses always feels better than mine

      Quote Originally Posted by alirz View Post
      Hmmm no button > no dfu mode ?> hard to jailbreak ?
      Please more website jailbreaks. Jailbreakme.com made me the happiest person in the world
    1. saunupe1911's Avatar
      saunupe1911 -
      Quote Originally Posted by alirz View Post
      Hmmm no button > no dfu mode ?> hard to jailbreak ?
      Seems like it would be easier because all of this stuff will be built directly into the OS. It's seems like OS level tweaks are extremely easy to do. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
    1. StormRoBoT's Avatar
      StormRoBoT -
      on iphone? no i dont think so.. way too small..
    1. ihappy's Avatar
      ihappy -
      I think it would make it alot easier and a true multi touch phone if they did this. I think the HTC Evo does the whole multi touch to home already as well as other multi touch gestures. Just a sign of the times and the end of an era for the Home button.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      I need the button for activating voice control while wearing motorcycle gloves. Also, it's be difficult to use anything more than your thumb when operating it with the same hand that holds it, so forcing your to use two hands would not be an improvement. I really appreciated my Parrot SK4000's ability to copy my contact list internally using Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile and allowing me to dial by voice before Apple supported it on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (original and 3G supported PBAP but not voice control so the headset worked around that).
    1. Tech guy's Avatar
      Tech guy -
      Nooooooooo I love the home button I hope then keep it
    1. gcastro723's Avatar
      gcastro723 -
      5 bucks says itll be a touch sensitive home screen, or a new touch sensitive mechanism
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      No way they lose the home button
    1. Silverado87's Avatar
      Silverado87 -
      Sounds good to me. Bigger screen possibly?
    1. seizlapee's Avatar
      seizlapee -
      absolutely hate the idea. Better not ruin my jailbreak opportunities
    1. Silverado87's Avatar
      Silverado87 -
      Quote Originally Posted by seizlapee View Post
      absolutely hate the idea. Better not ruin my jailbreak opportunities
      They'll just keep remaking jailbreak me.com I guess
    1. seizlapee's Avatar
      seizlapee -
      Quote Originally Posted by Silverado87 View Post
      They'll just keep remaking jailbreak me.com I guess
      hopefully, but just wondering how I can go into my dfu modes and my hard resets. Apple might make other options for those am guessing
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Not having a simple button to easily and quickly get to the home screen is counter-intuitive. It would also remove the ability to use the iPhone with one hand. Jailbreaking will more than likely happen with or without a home button.
    1. Tech guy's Avatar
      Tech guy -
      I hope jailbreak me comes back to iOS 4.3 so it will be easy again
    1. IAMHD2's Avatar
      IAMHD2 -
      So The The Next Gen iDevice Might only Have 3 Button (volume+Lock/Power)...Jheez....A Big Jump for someone who uses buttons in everyday life.
      Looking At My iPod Touch Now...Having No Home Button Looks Weird :S
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      maybe for ipad, better not for iphone.