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  • [Review] NCSettings - A Notification Center Toggle Pane

    In the event that youíre tired of rummaging through your Settings application to find useful system settings and toggles, jailbreaking comes to the rescue, allowing us to find all of these useful features almost anywhere on our iDevices. One of the more recent of such tools is NCSettings by iOS developer JamieD360, which adds some useful toggles and settings right to iOS 5ís Notification Center in a simple widget form.

    Above are the two places you will find preferences for NCSettings. The screenshot on the left shows you the preferences pane that appears in the Settings application after installing NCSettings form Cydia, allowing you to enabled and disable the toggles you will use the most or not as much. The screenshot on the right shows you the Notifications section of the Settings application where you can drag NCSettings in and out of Notification Center to enable or disable the widget on demand.

    If you were wondering why there are more toggles in the Settings application than there are in the entire screenshot above, thatís because when you have the widget open, you have to scroll side to side to view more widgets. There is an inertial bounce when you scroll side to side. When you tap on a toggle, a nicely animated notification from within the widget notifies you when youíve tapped on a toggle to enable to disable something. Tapping on either the brightness or volume toggles brings up a slider directly within the widget itself where you can adjust each of those settings to your liking. The design quality of the widget is very well done and the widget itself doesn't take up that much space.

    NCSettings isnít an SBSettings replacement as SBSettings has many more toggles than just system settings. NCSettings is good for the iOS power-user that is always enabling and disabling things to either test something out or to be more efficient on battery life throughout the day. It doesnít cause any slowness with loading Notification Center, which is good news for everyone interested in trying it. NCSettings will play nicely with other third party widgets as well as tweaks like Flowtation and IntelliScreenX. It's free in Cydia today.

    Name: NCSettings
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: JamieD360
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: JamieD360
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    1. RyoSaeba's Avatar
      RyoSaeba -
      There was a update recently. Really nice. But STILL missing the VPN toggle. Not a BIG inconvenience as the front page of settings have the toggle but would be nice to toggle it on and off when using Safari since I use it very often and the phone times out the VPN often.
    1. vivianlin's Avatar
      vivianlin -
      give it a try
    1. Adriafix's Avatar
      Adriafix -
      I have updated to versio 1.2.1 but i prefer the older one -

      Can anyone tell me where can i find 1.2-1 12 april

    1. ca3sar's Avatar
      ca3sar -
      Still waiting for kill background and free ram.
    1. ikkoku's Avatar
      ikkoku -
      Quote Originally Posted by ca3sar View Post
      Still waiting for kill background and free ram.
      +1 this will make it perfect for me.