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  • [GIVEAWAY] SPIGEN GLAS.t Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector

    There are a lot of screen protectors out there. A lot. I've reviewed a half dozen at least, and they're everywhere it seems. So why create more? Maybe just to round out a product lineup... but SPIGEN's GLAS.t screen protector actually brings something unique to the screen protector landscape.

    If you read our reviews, you're probably familiar with SPIGEN. They are the same company as SGP (which sadly stands for Stylish people's Good Partner), but have started marketing their products under the SPIGEN name - much better. They're based out of LA, California, and have been creating all sorts of nifty products.

    So what's a GLAS.t? A very cool screen protector different from what I've seen so far. It's tempered glass, rather than the typical PET film you see on other protectors. This gives it much more strength and protective quality, and it feels just like using the actual iPhone screen under your fingers. It's also noticeably thicker than typical protectors, at .4 mm.

    Because it's actually glass, it's also stronger than the typical film - about 3 times as strong. This means things like knives and keys won't scratch even the protector, much less the screen itself.

    In the packaging is a whole bunch of stuff. The actual piece of tempered glass (which goes on VERY easy since it's a solid piece rather than flimsy film), a squeegee to press the glass on, a cleaning wet nap, and a microfiber cloth to clean your screen before applying. In addition, there's a collection of home button stickers with a bubbled coating - 2 of each of 3 colors. These are useful because the extra thickness of the screen protector gives a noticeable indent where the home button is. One of these buttons being on there makes it more flush again (not quite, but closer).

    A little pricey due to the methods being used and that it's actual glass, you can grab the GLAS.t for $27.99 on the SPIGEN website. They've also sent us a giveaway unit, so get some entries to the giveaway using the widget below, and we'll pick a winner Thursday!

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    1. uglycousin's Avatar
      uglycousin -
      such a GREAT idea! i can't see myself going back to sticky covers after using this. hope i win a set!
    1. crystus's Avatar
      crystus -
      These are the cats meow. I have wanted one since they first came out.
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      Thats pretty cool, though would suck to get scratches.
    1. fangirlsolo's Avatar
      fangirlsolo -
      This looks awesome! I've been wanting to take mine off completely but seeing this makes me just want to switch to something new.
    1. hellman's Avatar
      hellman -
      No something special worth to own,why making a protector so hard and general protector is well.
    1. Benson11's Avatar
      Benson11 -
      Wow..Its pretty cool! want it..
    1. BOYD's Avatar
      BOYD -
      I need a new case
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Looks nice
    1. adamkpetersen's Avatar
      adamkpetersen -
      This looks great! Can't wait to try one out sometime!
    1. muted_mind's Avatar
      muted_mind -
      WOW...those would be infinitely better than these normal screen protectors. I had a mirrored one once, but it got annoying after a while though.
    1. neorulz's Avatar
      neorulz -
      For me its out of my budget, but for the price and quality than the others in the market. Its value for money. But as i see in a year you may end up spending this much. Nice product
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      What everybody is forgetting...due to the extra thickness,
      if you use a case with your phone, it probably won't fit!
      (Unless it's a soft stretchy case.)
    1. scorpluto's Avatar
      scorpluto -
      All the giveaways are too good. But I am late to the party. Hope i get the timing right soon. Looking perfect.