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  • Western Digital Prices My Book Thunderbolt Duo Storage Systems

    Western Digital finally announced pricing and availability for their My Book Thunderbolt Duo storage systems.

    The My Book Thunderbolt Duo systems — first announced at Macworld 2012 — contain two hard drives in a RAID configuration (0,1, JBOD options) within a single enclosure allowing for storage capacities up to 6TB. The systems can be daisy chained together via Thunderbolt (two ports on each enclosure) to create a single blazing fast logical drive. The drives are user-serviceable too, which means you can upgrade the hard-drives if you need more speed or capacity or swap out defective drives without sacrificing the entire enclosure.

    However, the new Thunderbolt capable My Book Duo’s demand a $200 premium over non-Thunderbolt options. The pricing for the 4TB enclosure is $599.99, and the 6TB enclosure is $699.99 and both are available now online. While the price premium does seem a little steep, the potential performance increase by daisy chaining a few of these drives together is incredible, especially compared to business solutions that can cost somewhere in the realm of $10,000 for similar setups.

    These drives won’t replace enterprise and business server solutions, but for performance hungry independent video editors and producers, the benefit of having a high performance raid-array for under $3,000 isn’t too shabby. Still, as the number of Thunderbolt capable accessories (especially storage solutions) increases prices will hopefully begin to reflect the competition in the marketplace.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. ventodivino's Avatar
      ventodivino -
      I got a 3 TB external from WD for 200$ at best buy....
    1. Heathen711's Avatar
      Heathen711 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ventodivino View Post
      I got a 3 TB external from WD for 200$ at best buy....
      But is it thunderbolt? Doubtful
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Cool I'm going to get this, then throw out the POS western digital/maxtor crash happy hdds and place some nice reliable seagate drives in it.
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      GAH if only I could afford this stuff. Just bought a new MBA and drained my bank. Sure wish I could utilize the thunderbolt port though. Maybe when it's not so "new" and the prices drop I will...
    1. mytran80's Avatar
      mytran80 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Heathen711 View Post
      But is it thunderbolt? Doubtful
      Who needs thunderbolt , I got all the time in the world lol