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  • [GIVEAWAY] Sena Florence Leather Case for iPad 2

    We've looked at Sena cases before, and have more in our review bin as well. They're great folks with a solid reputation and incredible build quality. We last looked at the Folio Classic, and today we're checking out their Magnetic Florence.

    The Florence case is Sena's thinnest flip-style case, and comes in two varieties - one with the magnets for the iPad 2 which tell it to lock/unlock the screen, and one without magnets. Ours had the magnets... and well, I don't see why you would get one without them, since this is designed specifically for the iPad 2.

    Very little bulk is added to your iPad with the Florence - the fold-over flap is quite thin, and the iPad itself is housed in thin (yet durable) leather with pristine stitching.

    Like all Sena's premium cases, it's handcrafted from genuine European leather. You can purchase it in either brown, red, tan, or black. There is a single groove on the front of the case where it bends to create a nice stand for watching movies or working at an angle (much better suited for viewing than for typing). There is a flap of leather on the back (with the Sena logo) where the front flap nudges in to hold the case at the angle.

    The inner part of the case's flap has a gentle suede feel and look, which keeps your screen nice and clean. The outer area is the smooth premium leather look Sena loves and is known for.

    The Florence cases hold your iPad snug and tight. It is definitely form-fitting, not leaving any curves or form to the imagination. Even the edges of the case curve in to the seam to accent the iPad's shape. The stitching, matching the color of the case perfectly, is strong. Cutouts for all areas necessary (except the SIM slot - who uses that?) are there and cleanly done. The leather is very good looking, quality stuff!

    For a decent price of $79.99, you can pick these up on Sena's website. It comes in sizes for the iPad2 and the new iPad. Sena has also given us one to give away - so use the widget below to enter our giveaway (each item in the widget is a single entry to the giveaway), and we'll mail one out on Wednesday!

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    1. myiphone3gs4055's Avatar
      myiphone3gs4055 -
      just bought my first iPad 2 from friend andstill looking for a case for it. And this leather case is perfect for the ipad 2. As it look in the picture, the case so classic and durable and all the cut is perfect, I hope I win this
    1. jcbhome's Avatar
      jcbhome -
      Looks very nice.
    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      Me, please
    1. soNburst's Avatar
      soNburst -
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Cool looking case.
    1. lalo619's Avatar
      lalo619 -
      this is sweet i just bought ipad2 hopefully i win
    1. TT KH's Avatar
      TT KH -
      me me me
    1. Rafles21's Avatar
      Rafles21 -
      Very Nice!
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      come on i been try and try but...
    1. jeepshots's Avatar
      jeepshots -
      Oh yeah - that looks nice! I'll use it.
    1. noraa's Avatar
      noraa -
      Ooo! Just got a new iPad, this looks like a nice case
    1. xeazydoezitx's Avatar
      xeazydoezitx -
      Love the leather, looks like a quality case as well as classy.
      Would love one'!

      Thanks for the chance MMI
    1. mbaturin's Avatar
      mbaturin -
      Would love to have this case!
    1. ijaxter's Avatar
      ijaxter -
    1. burnsrbeef's Avatar
      burnsrbeef -
      Slick, I like...
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      Sweet, this would be just in time for my buddies bday present
    1. desi_4_you's Avatar
      desi_4_you -
      i just got my ipad i like this case i hope i win this

      i want it this
    1. CoronaDelux's Avatar
      CoronaDelux -
      I've been looking to replace the crappy smart-cover, and this seems like an awesome product...
    1. camstryker's Avatar
      camstryker -
      Looks great!
    1. g55g's Avatar
      g55g -
      Excellent slim form case, offers all round protection and stylish to use with my iPad.