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  • First iPad Reviews In, Verdict: Impressive

    The first reviews of the new iPad are in, and the likes of Walt Mossberg (All Things D) and company seem to be impressed.

    The Display: Everyone Loves It

    Mossberg called the new display, and LTE upgrades “massive,” and that the display was the “most spectacular he’d ever seen on a mobile device." However, the glossy LCD (like all glossy LCDs) still causes problems for users trying to read in direct sunlight.

    David Pogue of the New York Times piled on the praise as well calling the new display “jay-droppingly good.” However, that jaw-dropping awesomeness can only be fully realized on Retina Display optimized apps.

    Edward C. Baig of USA Today called the display “a screen to die for” and The Washington Post's Joshua Topolsky lamented “There’s something almost otherworldly about how good this screen is. For rendered text or high-resolution images, it just looks like a glowing piece of paper.”

    Other notable display superlatives include Tech Crunches M.G. Siegler comparing the new screen to finally seeing clearly after getting glasses and Jim Dalrymple of The Loop being “in awe” of the display.

    4G LTE: Everyone Loves It Too

    Across the board the reviewers enjoyed the increased speed of both Verizon and AT&T’s LTE network. Mossberg averaged 17 mbps on Verizon’s network, and 12 mbps on AT&T’s. The iPad 2 averaged just over 1 mbps in comparison.

    Pogue tested the LTE capability in San Francisco, Boston and New York, noting speed varied from 6 to 29 mbps. Topolsky continued to outdo the other reviewers’ adjectives claiming the new iPad “screams” on Verizon’s LTE network.

    Battery Life: Admirable

    Considering just how much more Apple packed into the barely thicker and heavier new iPad, the reviewers were pleased with the battery life. Mossberg eeked out 9 hours and 58 minutes using his standardized battery test (only 11 minutes short of his iPad 2 test numbers) and Pogue got nine hours out of his new iPad during an all day nonstop-usage test.

    USA Today’s Baig had his new iPad last the entire day, and Topolsky of the Washington Post claimed the battery lived up to Apple’s claims of 10 hours active use and 9 hours using LTE.

    Camera: Way Better Than That iPad 2 Crap

    The new iPad’s camera puts the iPad 2’s horrible excuse for a rear-camera to shame. Even Baig’s claim that the pictures and video produced were “generaly pleasing” is leagues ahead of the abysmal photos and video the iPad 2 produced.

    Still, anyone intentionally taking photos with their iPad, whatever the version, needs their head examined. The thing is too big, and too awkward to justify taking anything but on the fly photos when no other options exists.

    Overall: Impressed

    It appears the negative backlash surrounding the iPhone 4S and its seeming lack of "newness" has given way to a truly impressive product in the New iPad, in the eyes of mainstream reviewers at least. Apple appears to have continued their streak of impressive product releases, and killer sales numbers (judging by delivery dates on pre-orders at least). Hopefully Apple can meet the consumer demand and prevent an iPad 2 like shortage in the coming months.

    Sources: All Things D, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today [via Apple Insider]
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