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  • [GIVEAWAY] Moshi Vortex Headphones

    Let's take a look at some headphones today. Sunnyvale, CA based Moshi, an iAccessory maker, has recently started getting into audio products, and asked us to take a look and give our thoughts. We're starting with their Vortex headphones.

    The first thing you notice with the Vortex phones is the packaging. A thick box with Apple-esque design has a window which shows the earbuds, and Moshi's explanation of their product. Once opened up, the box is instantly presenting the earbuds, holder, and additional sizes of ear tips. There are 3 types of ear tips in addition to the ones on the earbuds when you pull the earbuds out of the box.

    Once you've got the earbuds in your hands, the first thing I thought was "whoa, heavy." These are not your typical $15 plastic headphones, or the ubiquitous Apple earbuds. The Neodymium drivers are housed in a sintered steel alloy earbud, giving it a nice hefty weight. What the heck is sintered? I checked Wikipedia on that one - it's a process usually used in ceramics in which an object is formed from powder - these guys are powdering a steel alloy and making headphones out of it. Pretty cool.

    The Vortex are designed with mobile in mind; they've got your typical microphone and answer/end call button. I tested some calls, and quality was crisp and clear. People on the other end heard me well and generally didn't know I was using headphones to talk. The cable itself is even nice - wrapped in a durable fabric which gives the headphones a cool look, with a length of just about 4 feet (1.2m).

    So... how do they SOUND? The Vortex headphones sound great. The drivers push out thumping bass which I found tastefully matched by clean highs. There is a good overall sound with these phones - full and powerful, crisp and clear. I don't like this obsession on headphones makers with all bass all the time, with no attention to treble. Moshi does a great job of accurately reproducing the sound the artists want you to hear, with just a tad heavier push on bass.

    The phones sit well in the ear; I went running with them a few times, and they stayed in fine. That's my go-to test for fit - if I can run a few miles with them in and not have to be smashing them in my ear every couple minutes, they fit well. These did - and they come with a variety of ear tips for different sizes ears.

    And nice job Moshi - they also come with a silicone holder/case which you can wrap the phones around to store. This worked well and I used it often.

    The Vortex headphones by Moshi run $80.00 on their website. A little hefty for earbuds, but they are equal to earbuds twice their price. We've got two pair to give away courtesy of Moshi, so leave a comment below (some people are forgetting to comment with our new widget system - we DO check to see if you commented!) and use the widget to enter into our giveaway! We'll announce the random winners in a couple days.

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    1. iNFAMOUSxPz's Avatar
      iNFAMOUSxPz -
      Looks pretty cool
    1. Am_I_Evil's Avatar
      Am_I_Evil -
    1. Spikee's Avatar
      Spikee -
      yeah, looks real cool
    1. back9player's Avatar
      back9player -
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Those look amazing!!!

      I love the carrying case too?
      I really need new headphones and the fact that they have bass is so much more pleasing, to me the iPhone apple headphones don't produce ANY bass at all

      Where do I get the Widget to enter this contest?
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      Woo, I wouldn't be phoning it in with these head..... I got nothing. Hey I got up early, they can't all be hilarious.
    1. itzbilly's Avatar
      itzbilly -
      how are these compared to klipsche's s4i model?
    1. altoiddealer's Avatar
      altoiddealer -
      The headphone definitely look really cool
    1. Sacmiester's Avatar
      Sacmiester -
      These look pretty sick actually, these new headphones with a mic and controller are awesome.
    1. jarniella's Avatar
      jarniella -
      love the way the cord is and the design. it looks like great quality!!!
    1. wrcsti's Avatar
      wrcsti -
      Design wise they look handy and not as troublesome as others, the nub being gel will make them comfier. But i can only tell sound quality if you send em to me
    1. ZeRo-cOoL's Avatar
      ZeRo-cOoL -
      They look awesome, I hope to win I always wanted one a good set. Thanks
    1. FreezetheDJ's Avatar
      FreezetheDJ -
      I would love to get my hands on some of these!
    1. Shardshatter's Avatar
      Shardshatter -
      They look like they have a good clean, crisp finish and the case is sharp. Def. like these.
    1. McMichael96's Avatar
      McMichael96 -
      I'd like some headphones that have better bass then Apple Headphones
    1. Zeke Gates's Avatar
      Zeke Gates -
      They look amazing. Would love to try these out. Always in the market for a new pair of buds. Especially if they sound decent.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Look nice.
    1. ChaQanZ's Avatar
      ChaQanZ -
      Thank you so much ModMyi for such amazing Giveaway, Hope i winner of this giveaway.
    1. milenion's Avatar
      milenion -
      i like the case there in
    1. noraa's Avatar
      noraa -
      Love me some nice sounding (and nice lookIng) headphones!