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  • iBooks Update Now Features Illustrated Books

    Today, Apple updated the iBooks app to version 1.2, adding new features including illustrated books, the ability to organize books and PDF’s into personal “Collections” and new printing capabilities. iBooks can now also fit more words on a page by hyphenating longer words, although this feature is only available in iOS 4.2.

    iBooks was originally conceived as an e-reader with better multimedia capabilities than competing devices utilizing e-ink. With every update, Apple keeps adding features that other devices are not capable to replicating. The iPad continues to set itself apart from devices like the Kindle with the ability to read illustrated books in full-color. Some iBooks now even include sound and video. The Kindle is not capable of this kind of multimedia content, although as an e-ink device, the Kindle is much easier to read under any lighting conditions. E-ink devices, however, can’t hold a candle to the multimedia power of an iPad.

    It’s now also possible to print PDF’s and notes using Apples new AirPrint feature, although only a few printers currently support this capability. This should change, however, as more manufactures begin to include AirPrint features into future printers. You can now also organize books and PDF’s into “Collection” with the swipe of a finger.

    Although iBooks isn’t a perfect solution to reading e-books, lacking a sharing feature for instance, Apple continues to refine and improve the experience of reading a book on an electronic device. I don’t think any device will ever totally be able to replace paper books once and for all, but Apple does make the experience a pleasant one.

    Source: Apple
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    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      1 :/
      You are post number 2.

      I haven't personally done much reading with iBooks. I usually use Greatbooks for its self scrolling feature. I am really liking the PDF feature of iBooks though. I will have to try it out.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      I like stanza, but it's cool iBooks has pictures now. My wife always says if it doesn't have pictures and naked women in it I don't read it.
    1. NOYB111's Avatar
      NOYB111 -
      Now they need to add actual 'books' to their library! Everything I try to find is not there and I end up using Kindle App to read them!
    1. Go Gators's Avatar
      Go Gators -
      After updating iBooks on my jailbroken iPad 4.2.1 iBooks stopped working. Every time I launched a book a message came up that said "Your iPad is not configured correctly. You must restore through iTunes and reinstall iBooks". I tried everything I could think of but nothing fixed it. I ended up restoring with iTunes and then everything worked great again until I jailbroke it and then the same error came up again. Has this happened to anyone else? I use iBooks all the time but I also have to be jailbroken so I need to fix this somehow. If any one can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    1. zeroxskater's Avatar
      zeroxskater -
      My iBooks works fine, I like the new features a lot! And yea the book selection isn't very good yet but AFAIK iBooks supports a few different formats so you could surely buy the book you want online.
    1. viriiguy's Avatar
      viriiguy -
      It still can't read CBR's and CBZ's.
    1. iCeDmAn's Avatar
      iCeDmAn -
      still can't read it out by the pool in the glaring sun...
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      So we can read comics now??
    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      iBooks is the worst e-book reading apps.
    1. MLGKorno's Avatar
      MLGKorno -
      What a sly method of luring users into upgrading to their new evil firmware?

      I myself had my device turned into half of what it used to be, with 4.1. This might not be the case with iPhone 4's, but 3GS new bootrom users like me are getting our devices totally slowed down by Apple, and it seems that they're doing it almost on purpose.

      I have a friend who has an iPhone 4. Back when we were both running on iOS 4.0, I did an app launch and speed test.

      Plants and zombies:
      His phone: 8.5s
      Mine: 11s

      When app started:
      His phone: Stable 60 FPS as monitored by a jailbroken app
      Mine: Stable 60 FPs

      On 4.1?

      8s yet 17.5s for me

      Still 60 on his and mine spiked between 15-29 FPS.

      Don't update unless your device is a fourth generation one.
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      I don't know what's up with people but I love the iBooks reader. I think it's the best and packed with features
    1. Dominicsky's Avatar
      Dominicsky -
      little question: never used ibooks coz i don't have an Ipad..but can i, with this app, buy books in different languages? *i've got a German Itunes account if it matters*
    1. viriiguy's Avatar
      viriiguy -
      Quote Originally Posted by steve-z17 View Post
      So we can read comics now??
      Not unless you convert them to PDF's.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by iSteed View Post
      I don't know what's up with people but I love the iBooks reader. I think it's the best and packed with features
      I agree
    1. DaveiPhone's Avatar
      DaveiPhone -
      I was lukewarm on iBooks until this update, because the lack of organization was annoying. Now it's really great.
    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
      EskimoRuler -
      Quote Originally Posted by iSteed View Post
      I don't know what's up with people but I love the iBooks reader. I think it's the best and packed with features
      +1, i can read on the ipad screen for long periods of time, making adjustments to brightness and font size is easy, etc.