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  • The New iPad Benchmarked: Specs Revealed

    Some people around the globe appear to be getting the new iPad prematurely. After the event one person did, they downloaded a popular benchmark application dubbed Geekbench from the App Store and ran the benchmark test to see what kind of hardware the new iPad contains under the hood.

    The number crunching confirms the new iPad to encompass 1GB of RAM, which was a rumor floating around after its announcement at Apple’s keynote event when Mike Capps from Epic Games stated, "This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3.”

    Additionally, the A5X chip, which powers the new iPad, runs at the same clock speed as the iPad 2’s A5 chip did at 1GHz. The benchmark number of 756 shows us that the overall speed of the new iPad won’t differ that much from the iPad 2 being that the A5X chip is nothing more than a modified A5 chip and not a total redesign. Citing 9to5Mac, the iPad 2 also reached the mid 700’s in benchmark scoring.

    The only thing not taken into account by the Geekbench benchmark would be the quad-core graphics in the A5X chip. The iPad 2 only carries dual-core graphics and still managed to give us optimal performance. With the new iPad carrying a retina display and needing a more powerful graphics solution, the quad core graphics should not only take care of that, but also give the new iPad some more staggering graphics performance in gaming than the iPad 2, which Apple also bragged about at the keynote:

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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      Quote Originally Posted by JedixJarf View Post
      Honestly who cares if it has a higher screen res than a console, consumer grade TV's are only 1080p and the graphics processor in the consoles will still spank the A5X.
      Ha. Your right. That's why it can't run mw3 inn full 1080p and. Can't display full hd for battle field 3 and do u own a ruler. Obviously u don't see that there is about a 3 inch size difference in thickness
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      Quote Originally Posted by Norb View Post
      You should make that, I'm sure you will make billions... or you'll just end up being just like the other failed tablet products with no sense of direction.
      I don't get what do you mean by that?????? obviously the ipad is an already very established product which would make it the ultimate tablet if it had those features. Now that I've seen the new ipad's screen, even samsung's super AMOLED pales in comparison.