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  • Current iOS Icons Larger Than Entire Display of First Mac

    The original Macintosh, put together with spare parts from Steve Wozniak’s garage and held together with spit, utilized a display with a resolution smaller than a single iOS icon.

    The original Macintosh had a 512 x 342 monochrome pixel display, and icons were a measly 16 x 16 pixels. Current iOS icons are 512 x 512 pixels packed with a 16.7 million color palette. The amount of memory required to display a single iOS icon is four times the total video memory of the original Mac.

    Obviously iOS icons will never be shown at that resolution unless Apple falls of the deep end and starts implementing “Full Screen” icons as a new feature. Still, despite the massive difference in resources required the icons, the absolute size of the icons over the years has changed very little, onl the detail has.

    Some day all that pixel density is going to be necessary, like when 4k retina displays are packed into 3.5” phones even though our eyes can’t tell the difference.

    Source: Gizmodo
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    1. dhamien's Avatar
      dhamien -
      The way the headline is written is basically a lie.
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      PoEtikly -
      Quote Originally Posted by eZStaR View Post
      Just because some one else also thought of the feature, doesn't mean Apple ripped off the features... I thought of the iPhone when I was 5 (I drew out a similar concept), guess that means I am the creator right? -_-
      He's Not saying that the jailbreak devs "created" it, he's saying that Apple very well could've gotten the ideas from jailbroken tweaks. And if you used your head or looked at the pattern you'd see it's true. Us jailbreakers always have the ability of certain options/tweaks than stock iOS users every time. Then all the sudden in future apple updates/iOS versions we see these abilities slowly come into play. So saying you "drew" a picture when you were 5 is completely different than a Dev actually coding out and developing a tweak. Now if you would've taken that drawing and actually produced a product out of it then yes you might be able to say you had some kind of hand in the creation of the "iPhone".