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  • [GIVEAWAY] Crazy Cradle iPad / Tablet Holder

    So uh - this thing actually is crazy like it's name states. It purports to be a "device holder with limitless positions sure to adapt to any situation" and it sure does do just that. Crazy Cradle is made by Adroitly, LLC (the name means skilled or clever) - a new US company which by the looks of it is essentially Brett Andres, their CEO/owner/idea man.

    Birthed from an idea we're paying too much for our device stands which we have to re-purchase with every new device we buy, the Crazy Cradle is a universal device holder unlike any you've seen before. There may be a reason you haven't seen a case like this yet, ha - although after a few uses I got more used to it.

    Essentially, the Crazy Cradle is 4 long bendy soft-covered legs capped in vinyl end pieces, and wrapped tightly with strong nylon rope in the middle. The rope in the middle is secured so you can't move or unravel it - good quality there. The 4 arms (legs?) bend out from either side to create this thing's usefulness - you can bend them around your device on one side, and pretty much anything on the other side.

    The soft covering on the arms is nice - it feels like the same material as one of those stress balls, and won't muck up your iPad (or NOOK, or Kindle, or whatever tablet flavor you roll with) at all. The vinyl-tipped caps give a good enough grip not to slide around if you use this as a stand.

    It's an odd configuration, although it works pretty well once you get the hang of it. Figuring out the preferred method of hooking the ends around the iPad like the Crazy Cradle folk show in the pictures on their product and website took a frustrating 5-10 minutes. Holding the iPad in my lap while staring at the picture on the tube it comes in, and bending the thing all which ways, I eventually got the hang of it. After using it for an afternoon I was able to easily notch the iPad into the Crazy Cradle - I guess you'll just need to plan for a learning curve.

    Once the iPad was actually snug IN the cradle, despite the comical appearance of the holder, I found it pretty versatile. You can stand the other 4 arms up to make it an actual stand on a flat surface (at ANY angle, and any height between it's tallest down to the surface), or you can wrap the non-iPad side around all sorts of things. I tried it on a lounge chair on the deck, a bird cage hanging from the ceiling, and even my arm - all with snug, solid fits. I was a bit nervous at first it may fall - the thing just looks so odd - but it holds snug and is easy to tap/type/swipe on. The pics on their iWeb-standard-needs-a-graphic-designer-to-help-a-bit website show them wrapping it around a grocery cart, headrest in a car, and some guy's leg. It definitely destroys any holder I've seen when judged purely on compatibility and versatility.

    A peculiar product, which works exactly as described. I was sure when I first looked at the product and their website I would find it absolutely un-useful and shabby, but the build quality on this is excellent - well put together, held up to use great. It's large and will definitely start some conversations - but after I started using it I realized the Crazy Cradle can fit pretty much anywhere you need - where other holders just can't compare. If you've got the need for one of these, at $25 plus shipping it's not a bad cost - especially considering you'll be able to use it on any tablet, even once you've upgraded.

    It comes in black or blue, and can be ordered directly from their website at TheCrazyCradle.com. Brett was cool and is giving away a Crazy Cradle to a reader as well - so comment below and use the widget to grab some extra points, and we'll pick a winner Wednesday!

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    1. rocketApe's Avatar
      rocketApe -
      Looks goofy, but sounds cool.
    1. KISSArmyMax's Avatar
      KISSArmyMax -
      Do want. :d
    1. Beoahn's Avatar
      Beoahn -
      Looks amazing!
    1. SergeantMAC's Avatar
      SergeantMAC -
      Finally bit the bullet and preordered the new iPad, after two years of trying to justify it. Definitely would be great to display my new iPad with this when it delivers this week.
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Would be sweet for my Xyboard.
    1. mikel639's Avatar
      mikel639 -
      That s**t cray
    1. fro455's Avatar
      fro455 -
      This would definitely help with my video shoots. I could use this in so many ways. Thanks MMi
    1. xeazydoezitx's Avatar
      xeazydoezitx -
      How cool!!!!!
      Would love to try it out looks like it can morph into any shape my hear desires!! Haha

      Thanks for the opportunity guys!
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
    1. Pokal326's Avatar
      Pokal326 -
      awesome i also want crazy cradle iPod table holder...........
    1. DylanYo's Avatar
      DylanYo -
      I would love to get my hands on this amazing product.
    1. HanmaHeiro's Avatar
      HanmaHeiro -
      That's pretty cool I wonder if it could hold smaller objects like maybe an iPhone or a netbook. That begs the question, how strong is it? How much weight can it support and also how many bends do the legs take before they where out and don't retain the shape/position you want. Well I Wouk still like one =]
    1. ToddN's Avatar
      ToddN -
      Looks like a great product, versatile, simple, and oddly elegant.

      I'm gonna look into getting one of these to attach to use on my motorcycle.
    1. headstrain0z's Avatar
      headstrain0z -
      Cool gadget. I'd take one.
    1. Miix's Avatar
      Miix -
      Does this work with the new ipad as well?
    1. Shardshatter's Avatar
      Shardshatter -
      This is very interesting, I wouldnt mind having one.
    1. Rafles21's Avatar
      Rafles21 -
      Yes, where can I buy one?
    1. TheCrazyCradle's Avatar
      TheCrazyCradle -
      Quote Originally Posted by Miix View Post
      Does this work with the new ipad as well?
      Yes,yes it does!

      Quote Originally Posted by Pokal326 View Post
      awesome i also want crazy cradle iPod table holder...........
      Very soon, but The Crazy Cradle can hold smaller devices also. You will have some extra arm length left but you can just tuck it behind.

      Quote Originally Posted by Miix View Post
      Does this work with the new ipad as well?
      Yes, Yes and Yes!
    1. btuck2246's Avatar
      btuck2246 -
      Looks crazy, just like it's name. I'd love to have one though!!!
    1. qbnucca's Avatar
      qbnucca -
      I want it!!!!!!'