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  • New Gorillaz iPad Album Drops Christmas Day

    The band Gorillaz have posted an Advent calendar on their website and will be releasing their latest album on Christmas Day for free. The new album was written entirely on an iPad because as Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn put it, I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it, so Ive made a completely different kind of record.

    The band will also be releasing a video on Christmas Eve, with the new album dropping the next day. Gorillaz fans have evidently been nice all year long and will be getting a holiday treat for being so good.

    When asked why the band was releasing the new album on Christmas Day, Damon said, If I left it until the New Year to release it, then the cynics out there would say, Oh well, its been tampered with. But if I put it out now, theyd know that I havent done anything because Ive been on tour ever since.

    Lately, there has been an explosion of new music creation apps for iOS devices. It was only a matter of time before someone recorded and entire album using an iPad. The latest Gorillaz album is sure to be the first of many albums using the iPad as an instrumental recording device. I look forward to listening to some cool new Gorillaz tunes come Christmas Day. No lump of coal for Damon this year.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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      Quote Originally Posted by MindGem View Post
      I'll join you dancing! Can't get enough of Gorillaz.
      Yeah nice song to dance to!
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      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      Yeah nice song to dance to!
      Make it three
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      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      Make it three
      Will always welcome more!
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      Quote Originally Posted by vruls View Post
      Am I the only one who has never heard Gorillaz??
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      I'm no fan of that band, but I have lots of respect for them using the iPad as their only tool for
      Their Music, not as easy as it looks, for me that is, music studio is like Gamestop of Music

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      I am interested in what this album sounds like
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      I am a big gorillaz fan and was excited to hear that they are releasing it for free. Does anyone by chance know what apps they used?
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      Yeah, music studio.