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  • Apple Clashing with Publishers Over Your Credit Card Info

    In case you're wondering why all the cool magazines and newspapers you were expecting to see on the iPad haven't turned up yet on the tablet, various reports and inside accounts this week are shedding some light on the situation. You see, when Apple gets stubborn, there's no use in fighting them. That's a lesson many publishers are learning when it comes to ironing out details to bring new and emerging digital publications to the iPad.

    New reports have surfaced suggesting that Apple's continuing refusal to share subscriber credit card data with publishers hoping to bring their content to Apple's hugely popular tablet has become a major obstacle in forging working relationships.

    No shortage of magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals looking to sell their subscription-based content through iTunes initially sought to wrangle Apple into a deal that would have allowed the various publishers to sell the digital iPad subscriptions themselves. But no dice, said Apple, which continues to offer a 70/30 split (70% to publishers, 30% to Apple) to content providers who bring their material to the iPad. Once Apple got its way in this argument, publishers began requesting to obtain the personal user information of subscribers, including credit card information.

    No dice yet again. Apple, instead, will (allegedly) only offer users an "opt-in form" that gathers and relays to publishers limited, but user-sanctioned information, like name, email, and mailing address. But no credit card data. As a natural consequence of refusing to yield to the demands of consistently displeased prospective (and current) publishing partners, Apple has struggled to bulk up its digital content offerings - a situation unlikely to change unless Apple's policies similarly change.

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    1. domenicp's Avatar
      domenicp -
      What new reports? What was the source of this information?

      This topic grabbed my attention, but I was expecting more factual information.
    1. vruls's Avatar
      vruls -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      They could offer the magazine as a free app and use the in-app purchase to allow users access exclusive content with a subscription. I dont know if apple collects on in-app purchases tho.If they were smart they would put their product of cydia. No apple involved.
      But then apple wouldnt allow the app
    1. Rob_Quads's Avatar
      Rob_Quads -
      Quote Originally Posted by shitake83 View Post
      oh ok, i was thinkin TOOO EVIL of american banks
      its just this general sense here in europe that we think . americans only use the real credit cards, cuz thats what we see on tv. americans with 15 credit cards to pay the interest of the others.

      But you dont have direct debit in america or do you ?
      because EVERYTHING i see in america, f.e. online shops , you can ONLY use credit cards, ryanair uses ONLY credit card (even though its uk^^)

      in germany your card is tied to an account number, so when you order something online, you either send the money from an account (wire transfer) or you give them the account info and they withdraw it.
      Across the pond here in the UK I use the credit card for ALL payments where I don't get something there and then in my hand. Why - much much more protection.

      Buy something on a debit card and if the company supplying goods goes bust then your often out of luck and have lost all your money. Buy it on a credit card and you won't loose a penny as the credit card provides cover for this.

      I know a lot of people that use the credit card for this exact reason - they will pay it off straight away but putting it on a credit card is very wise more so I sure as hell hope they don't get rid of credit cards.