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  • [GIVEAWAY] Budg-It – A Tool to Help You Budget for Each Day

    Budg-it is a new App Store application by iOS development team called Flawless Apps, which consists of graphic designer Surenix and iOS developer Tyler Nettleton and it hopes to change the way we budget for each day by giving us a dead-simple user interface with an eye-candy appearance. The application will let you input an amount of money you want to limit yourself to spending in one day and then afterwards allow you to input any purchases you make. When the budget amount becomes encased in parentheses then you have over-spent. The application will set you back just 99’ to snag a copy.

    Budg-It comes with a comprehensive tutorial showing you how to do everything. The numeric amounts can be inputted via keypad or via the plus and minus buttons on either side of the ticker. You can tap on the check button when you finish inputting your amount. After you have named your purchase, you tap on the done button on the keyboard and it will be saved with the date and time and subtracted from the budget. Double tapping on a purchase will delete it and you can hide and show your purchase histories by pulling up and down on the red slider at the bottom of the application.

    Trying the application ourselves, it’s not like a checkbook; it’s simply a daily budget planner. You will enjoy using Budg-It if you many numerous small purchases a day and have a hard time keeping up with them – just punch them into the application and see just how quickly those little purchases add up.

    The interface makes great use of white space and icon placement. The design quality is certainly there and the functionality seems to work great as I used it for a day to track my own purchases. As soon as you see the application, you will know how to use it; the way that all applications should be. Check it out!

    Tyler Nettleton was generous enough to offer ModMyi five giveaway copies. If you'd like to win this daily budgeting application for yourself, then simply leave a comment and complete the widget below to get the most points you can:

    <iframe src="http://modmyi.com/giveaways/budgit.php" height=580 width=420 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>

    Sources: Tyler Nettleton
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    1. Greatbiguns's Avatar
      Greatbiguns -
      FREE = GOOD
    1. cookie181992's Avatar
      cookie181992 -
      looks really useful, if i don't win a copy i'll purchase it regardless

      looks really useful if I don't win a copy i'll purchase it regardless
    1. ipyth0n's Avatar
      ipyth0n -
      its really the best way to keep track of your budgets and its simply beautiful. I've was a tester and i gotta say its a must have
    1. sdlazyboy's Avatar
      sdlazyboy -
      I like free
    1. whobuttywot's Avatar
      whobuttywot -
      In it to win it!
    1. Krinklesx3's Avatar
      Krinklesx3 -
      This would actually be a good thing to have :3
    1. xeazydoezitx's Avatar
      xeazydoezitx -
      I'll take a one
    1. Maxhasadhd's Avatar
      Maxhasadhd -
      i want
    1. ADZ's Avatar
      ADZ -
      looks interesting and the buildup to release leaves me hoping we don't have another Clear on our hands. would like to give it a try though.
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      I wish I can control my spending , well that ias good start

      Nice to have it
    1. JessJams's Avatar
      JessJams -
      This app looks like a great app. I wanna try it. I think I'll buy it even if I don't get it for free
    1. Boots13's Avatar
      Boots13 -
      Sweet, I hope I win!
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Very nice, simplicity is great
    1. ord6's Avatar
      ord6 -
      Seems like an awesome app, thanks!
    1. energiesource's Avatar
      energiesource -
      This looks pretty cool!
    1. Villebilly's Avatar
      Villebilly -
      Interesting. I have a budget app I really like already. I didnt see the price for this one.