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  • New Honeycomb-Powered Tablet To Take on iPad

    On Monday, Google’s Andy Rubin gave the world a glimpse at a forthcoming Motorola tablet that appears to have excited both consumers and market analysts more than most other iPad competitors thus far - amazing, considering how little we know about it.

    Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android mobile-software unit, turned up at the All Things Digital: Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco to demonstrate a "prototype tablet" powered by another forthcoming version of Android called Honeycomb that is said to be "optimized" to run on tablet devices.

    Rubin says the Motorola tablet will ship in 2011. Based on appearance and very little commentary from Rubin (see video from yesterday above), we know the black tablet sports a decent-sized screen, a built-in camera, video chat capabilities, a dual core 3D processor, and a conceivable assortment of other cool features that we will have to wait to learn about. “With the tablet," Rubin said, "we’re in the middle of one of those hockey sticks of evolution."

    Rubin, while visibly confident in the soon-to-launch tablet, didn't take the ripe opportunity to blast Apple or others angling for prominence in the tablet space. Instead, Rubin actually offered complimentary words for Apple, including its App Store. “They’re pretty open,” Rubin said (with a straight face, in fact). “The App Store approval process is actually working pretty well.” RIM was another target of praise for Rubin, noting that both Apple and Research in Motion are "doing all the right things to fill in all the right pieces to keep up with the hyper-competitive market."

    The Wall Street Journal
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    1. mirogster's Avatar
      mirogster -
      It may seems little too g*a*y, but whatta manicure dude!
    1. TBSS's Avatar
      TBSS -
      Quote Originally Posted by quidam_brujah View Post
      Apple, all by themselves is at 24.6% market share for handset OS. Android, with its numerous manufacturers, is just now in position to get ahead. So, how bad is that? That Apple could nearly topple RIM by themselves but it's taking a bunch of makers to beat Apple. Not too shabby.
      Ya, and how many of those Android phones where actually purchased at full price. Everyday I hear on the radio local stores offering 4 free Android phones with new 2 year contracts. With Apple you still have to pay $199 and $299 each.
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Reading the comments it is sort of nice to see people interested in this product. Not necessarily because I want android to "win", but because this clearly shows that people are willing to consider something outside of iOS. Should get a fire lit up under Apple's butts!
      i'm one of the people that did consider something outside ios.i got myself the galaxy tab unlock euro model with the full phone funtion,well i have say this after having all the iphones apple ever made and ipad.i will never buy an other apple's product again.the galaxy tab is all i use & need now for my daily activities.it does it all and more and it's more mobile than the big ipad. you'd be surprise to know that a lot of people are getting tired of steve and apple's bull and that's why i made the switch to an android device.no more worry about after i update my device is going to be lock or i need to wait until some dude from the dev team to find a way for me to jailbreak or unlock again no thank you apple, too much to deal with lol.
    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      That's nice, if I had the money i'd buy one!
      @ 0:44 it has a desktop, so cool!
      @ 0:54 he said magical, Steve Jobs should file a lawsuit against him!

      I would buy that wayyy before the iPad IF the iPad couldn't be jailbroken. (yes jailbreak is all that makes iOS better than most android devices)
    1. Daps's Avatar
      Daps -
      Quote Originally Posted by TBSS View Post
      Ya, and how many of those Android phones where actually purchased at full price. Everyday I hear on the radio local stores offering 4 free Android phones with new 2 year contracts. With Apple you still have to pay $199 and $299 each.
      I think that has more to do with it just being an Apple device and knowing people are going to buy it no matter what so really why discount it heavily.

      One problem with Android I feel is they need to set a standard on min, cpu, memory etc and companies need to push out updates for devices asap. When Android releases an update it should be available to all phones with in a month.

      These other companies are stepping it up. Apple isn't going to be able to keep selling devices with out features that other devices have.
    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Daps View Post
      ....Apple isn't going to be able to keep selling devices with out features that other devices have.
      I actually laughed a bit when I read this comment. Since the original iPhone (07) there are features that people have been begging for to be added to their idevice. These features are easy implementations that get overlooked time and time again by Apple. They slowly bring them in with ******** software updates (in turn patching our holes) and sometimes minor hardware updates (3GS "Really?" I had one lol). And yet millions of people still NEED to have their BRAND NEW iPhone on launch day...even camping out for a week to get one (I didn't camp - I ordered online and had my i4 a day before release =) at my front door)...fast forward...come to find out theres a design flaw in the hardware...what happens (Stocks rise, sales increase).
      Anyway, getting to my point - I bought my first iPod in 2006 because I refused for the longest time to not jump on the Apple bandwagon. Because all it did was play music, I had a cheap mp3 player that did that. Since 06, I now have owned/own all 4 iphones, apple tv, tv2, and have just recently made the switch over to mac for my computing needs in July of this year. The reason I keep coming back is simple, Apple makes superior products((.)blank)

      I can barley stand when buddys of mine ask me to help them on their (android) based touch phones (Evo, to name one)...the responsiveness is horrible, the speed at which applications run is mediocre at best, and the battery life - forget about it, their phones either stay dead or stay plugged into an outlet.

      People keep going back to apple because they know their products are superior and take the lack of options/features with a grain of salt. Because apple fans also know, that if they keep complaining and voicing their opinions and wants - eventually Apple answers.


      :JAILBREAK: We love it, apple needs it! Its what this site was/is based on.

    1. Daps's Avatar
      Daps -
      Ehhh nothing last forever. I like my iphone4 and it's jailbroken but I'm not going to say it outshines another phone.

      Apple fans are going to buy because it's Apple but there a plenty of other people who will be willing to give another phone a chance.