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  • [Review] Notificator - Systemwide Notification Banners

    iOS 5 comes with notifications for all of your push notification-enabled applications. They will pop up as banners as long as you have the banner functionality enabled through your Settings application. If you have ever wanted to get notifications for more than just applications, but also system events such as turning off radios, taking screenshots, installing applications, and so much more, then a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Notifictor by iOS developer McNight may tickle your fancy.

    Setting you back just 99Ę, Notificator has a ton of settings to configure, which allow you to choose which system events will display banners and even the capability of playing a sound with the banner. Notificator will give you the choice to pick which sound you want to hear for the notification as well. Now Ė when we say tons of settings, we mean it! The settings would have been so long that we had to make two separate images to display them:

    From the preferences pane of Notificator, you can set banners and sounds for all of the following events:
    • application installation
    • connecting and disconnecting from a power supply
    • beginning a sync with iTunes
    • turning Wi-Fi on or off
    • joining a Wi-Fi network
    • turning Bluetooth on or off
    • turning airplane mode on or off
    • turning 3G on or off
    • connecting a headset device
    • taking a screenshot
    • when your battery becomes 20% or 10%

    The sounds that you can use for these notifications are limited to a small list of predefined text message tones. You can set a different sound for each notification so you can discern between them. When you receive a banner notification from Notificator, the tweak will intelligently show you the icon of the application that it refers to, which helps make it feel more native. Unfortunately, these banners will not be spoken out loud by Notification-announcing tweaks like Aloud and SpeakEvents.

    There are parts and pieces about Notificator that Iím not particularly sure I like. For example, having a banner hover over my screen subsequent to everything I do does seem a little bit bothersome and would easily get in the way of operating your navigation buttons, however if you arenít sure whether something has worked or not then Notificator will unquestionably alert you that you have done it correctly.

    If you like the idea of iOS 5-style banner notifications popping up after most of your toggling events, application installations, and more, then this tweak is worth taking a look at. If you abhor popups, then this tweak isnít for you. You also many not enjoy it if you hate the idea of endless scrolling through settings. You can enable and disable the entire tweak at any time or even enable and disable each of the individual notifications at your leisure. This will give you some wiggle room to keep your iDevice from getting blown up with banners. Notificator requires iOS 5 to install and the developer promises to always consider any requests for future features.

    Name: Notificator
    Price: 99Ę
    Version: 1.0-1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: McNight
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: McNight
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    1. Chase Hainey's Avatar
      Chase Hainey -
      Your iPhones look weird... PS, this app looks fantastic. I will definitely be getting it. Thanks for showing me!
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      This is a must have for me
    1. James Hall's Avatar
      James Hall -
      I want a iPod that big it would be sweet
    1. meatholes's Avatar
      meatholes -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chase Hainey View Post
      Your iPhones look weird... PS, this app looks fantastic. I will definitely be getting it. Thanks for showing me!
      Those pictures are of the next gen iPod touch: extended hd
    1. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
      _Vansmak_ -
      What? Like u don't know u just took a screenshot? U need to be notified? Seems silly to me
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
    1. James Hall's Avatar
      James Hall -
      looking forward to giving this one a work out when i get some time
    1. Tashawn's Avatar
      Tashawn -
      This seem like it would irritate me after a few notifications. I will pass.
    1. c14rlf's Avatar
      c14rlf -
      Lol.....you just installed an app....you just took a photograph!!! What a waste of space!
    1. RJKEL's Avatar
      RJKEL -
      More tones would be nice.
    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      I would rather an tweak that allowed u to adjust the time the banner stays at the top
    1. DQEight's Avatar
      DQEight -
      Quote Originally Posted by meatholes View Post
      Those pictures are of the next gen iPod touch: extended hd
      It's longcat's iPod
      Longpod we meet again