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  • AIRE Mask: For Charging Your iPhone While You Breathe

    Save on your electricity bills with the AIRE mask charger. This mask will charge your iDevice while you are breathing at a normal pace; using the air you breathe to propel a few mini wind turbines. The mask is only a concept and does not exist at this point in time (thank goodness). Itís a ridiculously hilarious way to charge your iPhone, and I donít know anyone who would really want to wear one of these.

    I'm not sure what it is about this mask that makes me uncomfortable about it, the fact that it would cover my mouth and nose just to charge an iDevice or the fact that it just looks embarrassing. On the other hand, it doesnít require any battery or electricity power to use. If you're not careful with it while sleeping, it looks like it even might be a strangle hazard. If it included an air filter, that would be pretty useful at certain times - like using your iPhone near a couple of smokers.

    While the mask hasnít been produced yet and will likely never blast off as a popular charging method, the designer might be on to something. I can just see myself having a miniature windmill in my front yard, sometime in the future, specifically for charging my iPhone.

    Maybe it's just me, but would you wear one of these every time your battery gets low?

    Sources: Ubergizmo via Cult of Mac
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      Nice, now I can charge my iPhone 100% I hope it have a protection so it can not be overcharged.
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