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  • Is iOS 4.3 Just Weeks Away?

    With iOS 4.2 only a few days old, speculation has already turned to iOS 4.3: specifically, the possibility that we'll see upgraded firmware as soon as mid-December. MacStories is reporting that 4.3 will drop in a few weeks, with bug fixes and an API for app subscriptions to support the new "iPad newspaper" called The Daily.

    As we know, iOS 4.2 took longer than Apple had expected: when the WiFi bug in the 4.2 golden master was found, they had to go back to the lab to roll out the 4.2.1 version that was released on Monday. According to MacStories, 4.2 was supposed to be out in the early part of November, preparing the way for 4.3 on all devices that would be able to support billing for apps that you subscribe to, rather than pay for once and download.

    As Michael reported on Tuesday, Apple is planning a media event on December 9th that most observers expect will be the rollout for the Daily app. Apple and the News Corporation have been reported to be working for months in secret on the new app, which will be a video-rich news publication. The Daily has been described as "the world's first 'newspaper' designed exclusively for the iPad." Subscribers will pay 99 per week for updated news that will be downloaded in the background.

    MacStories also speculated that iOS 4.3 would include some bug fixes and other maintenance code, possibly including improved support for AirPlay with third-party apps.

    Source: MacStories
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    1. \m/ibnziceman\m/'s Avatar
      \m/ibnziceman\m/ -
      Quote Originally Posted by jamriman View Post
      Id rather have 3.0 jailbroken.
      same. 4.x is a nightmare
    1. d_animality's Avatar
      d_animality -
      These frequent updates is annoying..
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Maybe if Apple spent less time fighting jailbreakers and releasing crap software updates to combat them and blowing alot of money on crap sub-par updates.....then they would have more time to concentrate on releasing a true quality software update and actually CATCH UP to the rest of the cell phone world among other things.

      I think this recent 4.0 update was supposed to have something like 100 new features, but can anybody actually name every single feature? I sure can't. Or is it just some number Apple threw out to glorify their OS.
    1. Dj Meltdown's Avatar
      Dj Meltdown -
      Quote Originally Posted by jibaro3 View Post
      They have to fix 4.2 first before talking about 4.3
      4.3 would be the fix
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Don't forget, every iOS update does fix some of the previous bugs but it brings new and useless features and even more bugs.

      The way its going iOS 5 will just be bugs and faults with nothing new and it will remove a lot of useful features. Oh, thats unless you buy the latest iDevice then it will work fine.
    1. CX3NT3_713's Avatar
      CX3NT3_713 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
      wonder if these updates popping out so close together is to keep the devs from wanting to jb and unlock due to the high frequency of changes. this isnt really like apple to have to do so many updates close together.
      HMMMM? could be?

      HAHA , me too iOS 4.1 
    1. HomieG35's Avatar
      HomieG35 -
      I have come to the realization...

      Stick with the firmware your device came with. Jailbreak it. Be happy. The next firmware won't be any better than what came with the device.

      I've learned this on every iPhone. Sticking to 3.2 or whatever it is on the iPad. Works fine, has multitasking. Forget 4.2. Didn't speed up my 3G at all. Still sucks. Apple wins. I'm getting an iPhone 4 first week of December.
    1. iPhoneMuscle's Avatar
      iPhoneMuscle -
      Bring it on!!!! I'm ready!
    1. sucram6791's Avatar
      sucram6791 -
      idk if its true but it needs to b if they want to keep their lead over android
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Quote Originally Posted by sucram6791 View Post
      idk if its true but it needs to b if they want to keep their lead over android
      Android is winning with another fail from Apple.

      I'm recommending people go for any Android phone only coz I haven't seen/used a Windows phone yet.

      I've recommended people stay away from the iPhone ever since I got one.
    1. ingesterfella's Avatar
      ingesterfella -
      Apple are slacking too Many bugs in recent firmwares why can't they just take there time and rel a stable firmware for all they are never goner beat devs
    1. filipegt500's Avatar
      filipegt500 -
      i think they should make a new and more apelative UI, cause with the succes of android and with the interface of windows phone 7 they make iOS appear too old. the only thing that apple is better for now is the apple store. that is my opinion. i love my iphone 4,i just think they need some inovation
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      My iPad desperately needed 4.x.x to bring it up to speed with folders, AirPlay and Airprint. Its a tethered JB for now but you know what, most everything i use on my iphone works on the iPad. I am looking forward to an untethered JB tho.. Although this since i have jailbroke 2 days ago i have only re-booted my iPad 3 or 4 times and that is just installing stuff through Cydia. no big deal. The battery life lasts forever on the iPad, like 10+ hours so i rarely let it die completely.

      Fix those bugs apple. I will keep updating, jailbreaking, and unlocking! Thanks to all the devs involved in keeping our iDevice free of APPLE's BS!
    1. devteamtools's Avatar
      devteamtools -
      Quote Originally Posted by gotjpeg View Post
      To the person who said this would be the first *.3. There was a 1.3 and a 1.4 for the original iPhone.
      Wrong. You are thinking of 1.1.3, and 1.1.4 (and let's not forget the iPod touch 1g's pointless 1.1.5 update.) Those arent 1.3 and 1.4 firmwares.
    1. adityaag's Avatar
      adityaag -
      Still on 3.1.2 and happy. Waiting for something decent to come out in iOs 4 that makes upgrading worth it.
    1. STM127's Avatar
      STM127 -
      *Conspiracy Theory*
      Apple has realeased more updates in a given period of time than prior years. These updates hurt JB developers as it's time consuming to update their code. Thus attempting to frustrate them and the JB community from continuing.

      Apple best developments on the iPhone were ideals taken directly from JB apps. (This fact is debatable, but Folders and Backgrounding were great ideas)

      The reality is we feel Apple is out to get us. Probably true due to the nature of updates, but they would lose their source of good ideas for the iOS.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Media Event! Hopefully we'll get an awesome look at upcoming products!
    1. Unknown_Guy's Avatar
      Unknown_Guy -
      Isn't the new cydia out yet?
    1. voodoo411's Avatar
      voodoo411 -
      I'm on 4.0.1, jailbroke, unlocked, and happy.
    1. Unknown_Guy's Avatar
      Unknown_Guy -
      Never mind I got the "new" cydia it just made cydia faster