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  • [GIVEAWAY] Proclip iPhone 4 and 4S Car Mount

    Today weíre taking a look at one the most practical iPhone accessories you could ever own, if you drive a car that is. Proclip is a company that specializes in mounting systems for your devices and the best part is that theyíre car specific, meaning you get a perfect fit - every time! As far as Apple devices go, they have mounts for every iPhone, iPad and iPod out there, as well as a massive vehicle database to pick from.

    Proclip was kind enough to send over a mounting system to use in my Civic Si. Now Iíve seen and even used several different car mounts in the past but none even comes close to Proclip. There are a couple key elements in a vehicle mounts. One of the most critical things is how secure the mount is. Nobody wants their iDevice going for a ride when the brakes get tapped just a bit too hard! Location of the mount in the car is also another critical aspect.

    The Proclip mount involves two pieces. The first is the car specific mount. Each vehicle has several location options to choose from. Typically they mount to an air vent near the steering wheel or somewhere on the center console. The best part about the mount being car-specific is that you donít have to mess with adhesives that just donít stick or suction cups that keep coming off the window Ė Iíve been there, itís not fun.

    The vehicle mount is designed to Ė wouldnít you know it- clip on to your dash. The mount I received clips on to the top seam in the dashboard and onto the top of the vent. Proclip even supplies a couple of small wedges to pry up the trim on your dashboard just enough to sneak the mount in. Iíve got to say that the fit is absolutely perfect! It required a decent amount of pressure to snap in, and once in, itís rock solid. Proclip even ads a couple of small 3M adhesive strips to make extra sure it wonít move.

    The second part of the mount is specific to the device. Here again, there are a variety of options for iPhone holders, depending on whether you use a case or have a naked device. There are also options for tilt, swivel, cigarette charger connecting cable and even a rear clip for that extra support while off-roading. As you can see in the picture though, it is easy to tilt into landscape mode and there is more than enough support for that during normal, everyday driving.

    The device mount can be mated to the car mount securely with several small screws, provided by Proclip. The fitment of the iPhone in the holder is also superb. It slides in to the mount and feels very firmly held. It also is padded which I couldnít be more pleased about while using my iPhone without a case.

    Between the options to mount in multiple locations, rock solid security, and outstanding fit, it hasnít taken much time and already, Iíve fallen in love with this mount. Perhaps the only bad thing I could say about this is that if you connect your iPhone to your car stereo via an AUX in or USB cable, you might have to run it up your dash, however, itís a small price to pay for having your phone in your field of view while driving, and complying with hands-free regulations as well!

    The vehicle mount goes for around $30 while the device mounts can set you back anywhere between $25-130 depending on which device and extras you want on the mount. Needless to say, the degree of customization is staggering. If you want a mount that you will not be disappointed in, you can purchase a mounting system on the Proclip website.

    Proclip will be giving away an iPhone mounting system (any generation iPhone) to one lucky member. So, if you have an iPhone and a car you can enter below!

    Use the widget below to get the most points and weíll declare the winner from the results in a couple days. Donít forget you also need to leave a comment on this post to be eligible to win!

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    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
    1. juanc723's Avatar
      juanc723 -
      looks very nice and practical... i would love to have it!! nice giveaway!!
    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      I have looked at this system a couple years back because I wanted a mounting system for my 94 Integra, but just never had the money. I would want the pass-through mount where you just slip the phone in and it plugs itself in, but it's pretty pricey.
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      This looks awesome! But I never win anything.
    1. MoogLe's Avatar
      MoogLe -
      That looks sweet!! Hope they have a mount for my car!!
    1. adrift98's Avatar
      adrift98 -
      I so need this dash mount. I had one similar to this for my 3G, but I just upgraded this week, and my new 4S doesn't quite fit.
    1. Renegade_Raul's Avatar
      Renegade_Raul -
      This would be perfect for my car! Best of luck everyone!
    1. headstrain0z's Avatar
      headstrain0z -
      I am all about car mounts - I get my license back in 27 days.. THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!
    1. Pedro2NR's Avatar
      Pedro2NR -
      They make good mounts. I had mounts from them on my TomTom and my Razr at the time.

      People must know that you first need to see if they make a vehicle mount for it to work. Each vehicle has their own mounting location.
      My Razr mount had the same design as the iPhone one. The only con is that it was a slide in which if one didn't enter it properly, your phone would get damaged. It was also at times difficult to slide out because it is a slide in mount.
    1. headstrain0z's Avatar
      headstrain0z -
      I don't know if this comment is saving! I WANT ONE!
    1. CustomA's Avatar
      CustomA -
      i've looking for the perfect mount for my iphone and this seems like a winner
    1. TT KH's Avatar
      TT KH -
    1. SethChas's Avatar
      SethChas -
      I could really use one of these.
    1. djrbx's Avatar
      djrbx -
    1. ToddN's Avatar
      ToddN -
      If this mount will work on a motorcycle, PLEASE GIVE IT TO MEEEE!
      Otherwise, give it to someone who'll give it more use.

      As of right now, I affix my iPod touch to my tank with vel-cro (because I don't trust it with my phone)
      or I just leave my phone in my pocket, but then I can't pick a song
    1. Dumazz61's Avatar
      Dumazz61 -
      Looks very sweet...me likey!!..
    1. djnaz's Avatar
      djnaz -
      I really need one of these.
    1. nicholas1924's Avatar
      nicholas1924 -
      It looks great would love to have it on my car
    1. hopper21's Avatar
      hopper21 -
      yup! this guy wants one!
    1. jeepshots's Avatar
      jeepshots -