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  • [GIVEAWAY] Graviboard 2 Released With iOS 5 Support

    Graviboard is a classic jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Conrad Kramer that adds physics to your iDevice’s home screen. Graviboard has been awaiting iOS 5-compatibility for some time now being that it only worked on iOS 4. It adds physics by providing you with the illusion that gravity can affect your home-screen’s icon placement. With today’s release of Graviboard 2, you can now experience these remarkable effects on your iOS 5 devices just as you had missed them from your older devices.

    As the screenshot above shows, the icons are all over the place. The effects of Graviboard only work when you toggle Graviboard on with an Activator action. After that, the motion kicks in and you can stop all of Graviboard’s effects by simply pressing the home button and the home screen icons will neatly re-appear in their proper order and positions in a very pleasantly animated way. The preferences for Graviboard are also extensive:

    The preferences encompass being able to select an Activator action for invoking Graviboard, the ability to automatically enable Graviboard, the ability to launch applications while Graviboard is making your icons move around in 3-D space, and the ability to swipe through your home screen pages even while the icons are moving around. The include dock option which we used to be able to take advantage of in iOS 4 seems to be grayed out and inoperative whenever you have allow page swiping enabled.

    In the simulation settings of the Graviboard preferences, you can adjust the effect of gravity, bounciness, and friction using the sliders provided to you. The gravity slider will make the application icons appear either heavier or lighter. The bounciness slider will make the application icons bounce either further or shorter. Then finally, the friction slider will make the applications icons either slide easily past each other or make it more difficult for them to slide around. The last preference pane has to do with how your application icons react to your finger when you toss them around.

    Graviboard 2 doesn’t feel too much different from the original Graviboard, however it doesn’t have the HUD (heads up display) anymore and you cannot include the dock icons in the jumble like we used to be able to while paging. Graviboard 2 has been almost a complete re-write for the application and we are very excited to see it progress to another iOS milestone. It's a very fun application. If you want to win a copy (a $2.99 value), follow the directions below. Conrad was nice enough to let us give away FIVE copies of Graviboard 2!

    We're trying a new method for giveaways: get the most points in the widget below, and we'll pick a winner from the results in a couple of days! NOTE: You still need to comment below with your thoughts about Graviboard 2!

    Name: Graviboard
    Price: $2.99
    Version: 2.0-1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Conrad Kramer
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    <iframe src="http://modmyi.com/giveaways/graviboard2.php" height=580 width=420 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>

    Sources: Conrad Kramer
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    1. Dipial's Avatar
      Dipial -
      so neat, i want it !
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      Just throws me into safe mode, I guess their are compatibility issues with ios 5+
    1. Albeez34's Avatar
      Albeez34 -
      I have an iPhone 3GS that i recently JB and i download nothing but the BEST of APPS on it. Ever since i seen this AWESOME tweak on youtube I've been trying to get it without having to pay for it. Every day spend countless of hours on YouTube & cydia hoping to find a way to get it for free. HOPEFULLY today it pays off thx a million times for MY NEW TWEAK...IPHONE 3GS
    1. sknet's Avatar
      sknet -
      does this one work with custom theme or only work with stock theme?

    1. mikel639's Avatar
      mikel639 -
      The fun wears off quickly
    1. Taz1981's Avatar
      Taz1981 -
      Looks cool I like the looks of it
    1. rafas19's Avatar
      rafas19 -
      nice one, cant wait to show it off
    1. mushromking's Avatar
      mushromking -
      Love the original graviboard so why not gravibaord 2
    1. dazdaman80's Avatar
      dazdaman80 -
      2.99 is rather excessive isn't it ?. I mean it is pretty cool to play with, but the novelty does wear off after a while. Considering an extra 2 bucks would get you a fully working Bluetooth app, I know what I'd spend my money on !.
    1. KBI2113's Avatar
      KBI2113 -
      Definitely would be cool to use on some friends
    1. decronin1123's Avatar
      decronin1123 -
      It says 1.06-2 as the version...there are details for 2.0-1 in the package, but it won't install that version...any suggestions?
    1. rdc1093's Avatar
      rdc1093 -
      this tweak looks so cool. never seen it before!
    1. Chasemeifyoucan's Avatar
      Chasemeifyoucan -
      always wanted to try! i hope i win it!
    1. anton_o's Avatar
      anton_o -
      looks awesome, fun to prank friends with
    1. areske86's Avatar
      areske86 -
      awesome tweakkkkkk
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Too. Much. Ram. Usage.
    1. sekazi's Avatar
      sekazi -
      It installed but it does not work. Were there any known compatibility issues?

      iOS 5.0.1
      The only springboard mods enabled are

      I have disabled majority of the mods but it still does not work.
    1. Liveitlive's Avatar
      Liveitlive -
      Bought it... Love it. Fun when bored or to show it off... Lots of diff icon reactions when messin with the phycics sliders or w.e.
    1. NerdyGuyJohn's Avatar
      NerdyGuyJohn -
      This is a really cool tweak! I have seen videos on it and I've always wanted to get a cool tweak like that.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nickaroni22 View Post
      Just throws me into safe mode, I guess their are compatibility issues with ios 5+
      Unlikely. Probably with a tweak you have installed. It was built for iOS 5.

      Quote Originally Posted by sekazi View Post
      It installed but it does not work. Were there any known compatibility issues?

      iOS 5.0.1
      The only springboard mods enabled are

      I have disabled majority of the mods but it still does not work.
      If you have any modifications affecting the application icons, that could be the root cause.