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  • [GIVEAWAY] Jabra SPORT Wireless Headset

    Headphones are something I do not take for granted. They play a big role in my day to day activities, whether itís at home, at the office, or while travelling. I even use different kinds, depending if Iím going to be talking on the phone or not. I have a more expensive pair for purely listening but when I want to talk on the phone I usually switch them out for the stock Apple headphones with the in-line mic.

    Unfortunately, while doing any sort of physical activity, neither of them is suitable. The Apple headphones just donít stay in my ears and I donít want to damage my more expensive pair by getting them sweaty. Ideally, it would be nice to exercise, listen to music and if need be, take a callÖÖenter the Jabra SPORT headset.

    The SPORT headset has an over-the-ear design, which makes it more likely to stay in place during physical activity. It has US Military grade rain, dust and shock protection. These might be one of the only pairs of earphones I would be comfortable using in a heavy rainstorm. They are ultra lightweight to the point where you might forget youíre wearing them.

    The best thing is the fact that the area where the earphone connects to the main body is made of a bendable silicone, which should allow for a good fit on many different types of ears. The cord connecting the two earpieces together also has a rubbery coating on it which, again, should withstand the elements, including all that sweat you build up during a good workout.

    Letís talk a bit about the audio quality as, letís face it, these are headphones! The SPORT communicates to your iPhone through A2DP and also has AM3D bass audio enhancement and a wind-shielded microphone. The sound quality was very good and the bass really was the star, if bass is your thing. The call quality was quite good, in our testing the caller on the other end could tell it was a Bluetooth, but Iíve found the same to be true with many other brands of Bluetooth headsets. Conversation was easily understandable. The SPORT also has a built in FM radio.

    As we all know, all ears are not equal, and can range from tiny to large. Thatís why Jabra has included multiple ear attachments which should be able to fit comfortably in whatever size ear you may have. In our testing, the SPORT remained in the ear comfortably for over an hour and didnít fall out during physical activity. Connecting it to the iPhone was a snap. Jabra claims the battery can get through 3 hours of music and 4.5 hours of talk time. While we did run the battery out with music and found it did indeed last just under 3 hours, we did not have a 4.5 hour conversation.

    There are buttons for play, pause, forward and backward skip on the earpiece itself which is nice feature as the point of these is to not have to touch your iPhone while using them. Overall, these are great if you are looking for durable, quality sounding earphones that can absorb the beating that comes with intense physical activity. You can pick up a pair on the Jabra website for $99.99. Jabra has been kind enough to provide us with an extra pair that we will be giving away to one lucky member.

    We're trying a new method for giveaways - get the most points in the widget below, and we'll pick a winner from the results in a couple days! NOTE: You still need to comment below with your thoughts on the headset.

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    1. anig's Avatar
      anig -
      Quote Originally Posted by vafirefighter View Post
      Would be great in the cruizer!
      Really need something to be flexible and take a beating have found nothing to stand up to cross training workouts. Usually one week and headphones lose something.
    1. Tripz71's Avatar
      Tripz71 -
      I sooooo want these!!!!!!
    1. Johnnyboi's Avatar
      Johnnyboi -
      That looks like a great set for basketball. Because right now I use a single in ear bluetooth when I shoot around, and don't have a secure pocket! I would love to have theses! And for my morning runs! Hook it up!
    1. djzito's Avatar
      djzito -
      Looks nice
    1. imperialto's Avatar
      imperialto -
      looks pretty clean, it really sucks that it doesnt stay put while exercising though, we'll see when its tried on
    1. kickerman65's Avatar
      kickerman65 -
      I would love to win a pair of these. I've been looking for a good wireless set to listen to while on my Gixxer.
    1. Brian Strunk's Avatar
      Brian Strunk -
      I hope they come in different colors eventually. Not a big fan of yellow and black, but I can deal with it. I love to run a lot, but the problem is, that my headphones don't stay in, maybe this will be a practical solution.
    1. crockerscott's Avatar
      crockerscott -
      nice, one please
    1. Newworldorpan's Avatar
      Newworldorpan -
      These rock!
    1. Michael O'Morah's Avatar
      Michael O'Morah -
      I really like these Headphones having been given such a close-up inspection of them with the highly detailed photographs. I was dubious about having a flexible cord connecting the earpieces simply because of durability. Now having seen them closely I feel much more confident that the flexibility is more an asset than a liability.
    1. siddharth19910's Avatar
      siddharth19910 -
      I would love to get these headphones... Would love to work out in these... Wow... Jabra makes some unique and awesome products...
      And the black on yellow is a nice combo... And a awesome effort by the modmyi team.. And thanks for this giveaway...
    1. Greatbiguns's Avatar
      Greatbiguns -
      This is AMAZING!!
      I love the idea, finally someone has released it.
      Go Jabra!! You guys RULE!!
    1. MagikShotty's Avatar
      MagikShotty -
      Those are really hot.
      They would suit my ears so good
    1. chad2ss's Avatar
      chad2ss -
      wow I love this set!!!
    1. icecold786's Avatar
      icecold786 -
      i would love to win these, as they would come in handy during my daily run
    1. TylerDurden92's Avatar
      TylerDurden92 -
      Its about time someone released some quality, and functional wireless headphones! I could really use something like this for running, getting wired headphones yanked out of your ears when you're trying to work out is a major pain.
    1. Jkbane's Avatar
      Jkbane -
      Would be great for my job
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      These would be amazing, the pair I have right now gets really annoying because I always end up getting my arm caught on the stupid wire while running and rip the headphones right out of my ear. Not fun. These would be awesome, especially since I'm finally back into running every day after tearing my Achilles tendon.

      These also have a mic and are waterproof? Whaaattt?!!? Warm rain is the best type of running, and these headphone would be more than perfect. The ones I have right now SUCK in the rain and the left side always cuts out. These are awesome possum fo sho.
    1. Noblei4's Avatar
      Noblei4 -
      Wow! A must have!
    1. lespaul79's Avatar
      lespaul79 -
      These will be great!