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  • [GIVEAWAY] Jabra SPORT Wireless Headset

    Headphones are something I do not take for granted. They play a big role in my day to day activities, whether itís at home, at the office, or while travelling. I even use different kinds, depending if Iím going to be talking on the phone or not. I have a more expensive pair for purely listening but when I want to talk on the phone I usually switch them out for the stock Apple headphones with the in-line mic.

    Unfortunately, while doing any sort of physical activity, neither of them is suitable. The Apple headphones just donít stay in my ears and I donít want to damage my more expensive pair by getting them sweaty. Ideally, it would be nice to exercise, listen to music and if need be, take a callÖÖenter the Jabra SPORT headset.

    The SPORT headset has an over-the-ear design, which makes it more likely to stay in place during physical activity. It has US Military grade rain, dust and shock protection. These might be one of the only pairs of earphones I would be comfortable using in a heavy rainstorm. They are ultra lightweight to the point where you might forget youíre wearing them.

    The best thing is the fact that the area where the earphone connects to the main body is made of a bendable silicone, which should allow for a good fit on many different types of ears. The cord connecting the two earpieces together also has a rubbery coating on it which, again, should withstand the elements, including all that sweat you build up during a good workout.

    Letís talk a bit about the audio quality as, letís face it, these are headphones! The SPORT communicates to your iPhone through A2DP and also has AM3D bass audio enhancement and a wind-shielded microphone. The sound quality was very good and the bass really was the star, if bass is your thing. The call quality was quite good, in our testing the caller on the other end could tell it was a Bluetooth, but Iíve found the same to be true with many other brands of Bluetooth headsets. Conversation was easily understandable. The SPORT also has a built in FM radio.

    As we all know, all ears are not equal, and can range from tiny to large. Thatís why Jabra has included multiple ear attachments which should be able to fit comfortably in whatever size ear you may have. In our testing, the SPORT remained in the ear comfortably for over an hour and didnít fall out during physical activity. Connecting it to the iPhone was a snap. Jabra claims the battery can get through 3 hours of music and 4.5 hours of talk time. While we did run the battery out with music and found it did indeed last just under 3 hours, we did not have a 4.5 hour conversation.

    There are buttons for play, pause, forward and backward skip on the earpiece itself which is nice feature as the point of these is to not have to touch your iPhone while using them. Overall, these are great if you are looking for durable, quality sounding earphones that can absorb the beating that comes with intense physical activity. You can pick up a pair on the Jabra website for $99.99. Jabra has been kind enough to provide us with an extra pair that we will be giving away to one lucky member.

    We're trying a new method for giveaways - get the most points in the widget below, and we'll pick a winner from the results in a couple days! NOTE: You still need to comment below with your thoughts on the headset.

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    1. rosidentevil's Avatar
      rosidentevil -
      I love that they are wireless - no tangled up cords
    1. nabelhu17's Avatar
      nabelhu17 -
      Seeing as to how my headphones recently broke, these would be fantastic!
    1. cubanojones's Avatar
      cubanojones -
      those are freakin sweet!
    1. joeyhoops's Avatar
      joeyhoops -
      these look like a party
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      These look like they'd be more comfortable than the Motorolla S10-HD's
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      I've been wanting these for a while....love the color...hope to win!
    1. Jmataska's Avatar
      Jmataska -
      wow. as an avid weightlifter, these would be great!! no dumb cords getting caught on bars and dumbells, or having to tuck them under your shirt... very impressive. I just may win now...
    1. Rakhen2's Avatar
      Rakhen2 -
      I've been wanting to buy bluetooth headphones for a while for a multitude of reasons but those things (good quality ones) aren't exactly cheap and what little monies I has I put into college. If I won this giveaway I'd be eternally greatful ^_^
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      They look sweet and I will probably buy these if I don't win them, I don't know if I like the 3 hrs of music. Would have liked that number to be higher, but like I said, I will probably get them anyway.
    1. Jansepants's Avatar
      Jansepants -
      those headphones looks so convent!!! i go running and the worst thing is when your arm tugs on your headphone cord and you feel your iPhone earbuds tug on your ear! and you think oh crap the headphones are gonna hit the floor and scratch. Then when you put it in your ear it's going to be all rugged and feel terrible. lol This would be so awesome.... hahaha
    1. MemphisYork's Avatar
      MemphisYork -
      The Give-A-WAYS KEEP GETTIN MORE WICKED EACH TIME! These Headphones, are EXACTLY WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR, FOR THE GYM! Amazing. since the odds are against me in winning, Im jealous to the winner of these.

      i own Jabra bluetooth Stereo Headset. Just not the right Gym Headphone... So talked about these JUST YESTERDAY with my friend.
      love the site, love the giveAways Love the tips and news.... thanks ModMYi !!!

      3Percent a.k.a BHaDKaRMA a.k.a MemphisYork
      followed, liked
      commented all well worth just hearing about these being real. THANKS GUYS / Poster
    1. GooseG's Avatar
      GooseG -
      These would be amazing for Parkour! Apple earbuds don't work at all.
    1. skyman6529's Avatar
      skyman6529 -
      These look awesome I would love to have a set of these.

      I am an avid 4 wheeler / off road enthusiast. We are constantly winching, slogging through snow, mud and rain to spot safe paths for our vehicles, or in an unfortunate event winch ourselves out

      It would be ice to be able to listen to music while I'm slogging through the stuff alone, and have the ability to receive a call without touching the iPhone. It wold nice to be in hands free contact with the guy in the vehicle, and have the ability to take calls from my wife (who's constantly checking our status). All without getting the iPhone mucked up
    1. Stymieddd's Avatar
      Stymieddd -
      Nice. No more getting the wire caught on my armrest.
    1. lukebui's Avatar
      lukebui -
      love to win it. the headphone look great..
    1. Mateor's Avatar
      Mateor -
      I have been waiting for something like this to come out.
    1. ImBakinBacon's Avatar
      ImBakinBacon -
      I really hope I win!
    1. brome1030's Avatar
      brome1030 -
      this is pretty darn cool.
    1. KDawg295's Avatar
      KDawg295 -
      Man, these would be great to have while using my iphone in my armband!
    1. T0Xic's Avatar
      T0Xic -
      wow i like the bass and these headphones seems very good at that