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  • [GIVEAWAY] Otterbox Commuter Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    Having already reviewed the Reflex and Defender series, this is our final review of the Otterbox case lineup for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

    The Commuter is a two piece case which marries an inner silicone shell with a polycarbonate exterior. Putting the case on the iPhone is pretty easy: all you have to do is pop out the silicone shell, wrap it around your iPhone, and clip the hard outer shell around it. The fit on the iPhone is extremely good, and we would expect nothing less from Otterbox. The polycarbonate shell even has quite a bit of give so the case doesn’t become completely rigid once together.

    The Commuter comes in somewhere in the middle of the Reflex and Defender both in terms of bulkiness and protection. As with the other two, this case is pretty bulky and not exactly pocket friendly. But, as we all know, Otterbox puts a lot of their time into making sure your phone is protected, and the Commuter is no exception. Dropping an iPhone in a Commuter case should not get the blood pumping and heart rate up like dropping our iPhone always does! It’s designed to take a bit of a beating.

    A couple aesthetic things about the case…..it has a cutout for the vibrate switch while the power and volume buttons are completely covered. One thing that I didn’t like terribly much is that the headphone jack and dock connector are covered with flaps that can be open and closed to insert the desired cable. I understand why it would be nice to be able to close off these areas and thus protect the iPhone even more, but I found it a bit of nuisance to have to open and close the flaps.

    All in all, I would have to say that this is my favorite case out of the lineup. If you want the utmost in protection, definitely go out and get a Defender but if you want something that is a bit smaller but still offers great protection and doesn’t put as much of a dent in your wallet, have a look at the Commuter.

    They’re available on the Otterbox Website for $34.95 and comes in a bunch of different colors..........OR, you can leave a comment here for a chance to win one! Congrats to plr2005 on winning!
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    1. Goldy Malhotra's Avatar
      Goldy Malhotra -
      This case looks awesome. I would love to have it. I used this type of case when I had an iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, and my old iPhone 4.
    1. ice cream paradise's Avatar
      ice cream paradise -
      Looks cool gimme gimme
    1. jl337's Avatar
      jl337 -
      this is pretty awesome, a lot more sleeker then regular otterbox cases
    1. AlfonsoSuvierri's Avatar
      AlfonsoSuvierri -
      Looks great, doesn't seem as bulky as other ones as well.
    1. plr2005's Avatar
      plr2005 -
      This is is the kind of case I need after replacing my glass back twice
    1. nymets741's Avatar
      nymets741 -
      Looks awesome, would love to get one.
    1. Iceman153's Avatar
      Iceman153 -
      Nice real simple
    1. bradpitt06's Avatar
      bradpitt06 -
      yea like that its not too bulky
    1. David666's Avatar
      David666 -
      It looks nice. I would like to get one
    1. AdilMoosani's Avatar
      AdilMoosani -
      I want one!
    1. ibiggy's Avatar
      ibiggy -
      Nice Bit Of Kit, Like to try it!
    1. lalo619's Avatar
      lalo619 -
      Ya this is pretty sweet case wouldnt mind one
    1. Brewko's Avatar
      Brewko -
      Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity
    1. fro455's Avatar
      fro455 -
      Oh snapples! I hope I win. Good luck to everyone and thanks MMi for these awesome giveaways.
    1. areske86's Avatar
      areske86 -
      love the colors
    1. crzyenuf2's Avatar
      crzyenuf2 -
      Cool looking and funtional! Count me in!
    1. Doble-U's Avatar
      Doble-U -
      winning one of those cases would me sweeeet!
    1. rion_j's Avatar
      rion_j -
      me me me me!!
    1. cl1ck4207's Avatar
      cl1ck4207 -
      hell yeah i would love to have one of these
    1. jmelzie82's Avatar
      jmelzie82 -
      This is an awesome good looking case